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Møllers becomes the master of puppets in director Marc Reisbig’s film

OSLO, NORWAY — The idea of children befriending their toys is a classic tale; so you better get a cute teddy to star in your film if you want to go that route. Enter: An adorably ragged plush bunny in the new spot for dietary supplement Møllers Tran cod liver oil.

Directed by Marc Reisbig, produced by Bacon and made with Oslo agency ANTI, the film is a coming-of-age story about a young girl and her favorite teddy bear. And as the payoff A Spoonful of Life suggests, we get both healthy mouthfuls of cod oil as well as slices of life.

Puppeteer and Bacon Post Production Coordinator Markus Tangre was in charge of bringing the toy to life, and with their very practical approach Markus and his team added impressive amounts of charisma and believability to the inanimate protagonist.


“We wanted to use a real puppet from the get-go. Using practical effects instead of CGI made it easier for our little hero to interact with her bunny co-star, and we thought this would add both charm and make the scenes more realistic. We originally had a plan to use post to enhance the expressions in the face of the bunny and do some of the more difficult sequences fully CGI, but we hardly ended up using it at all in the end since the puppet (and the puppeteers) did such an excellent job,” said director Marc Reisbig.

Agency: ANTI
Client: Møllers Tran – ORKLA
Production Company: Bacon
Director: Marc Reisbig
Executive Producer: Magne Lyngner
Producer: Rebekka Rognøy
Production Manager: Ida Nilsen
Set Coordinator: SIlje Kleiven
Innspillingsleder: Jens Patterson
Production Assistant+Location: Daniel Røste / FTE Production
Assistant+Location: Marius Vesten / FTE
DOP: Fredrik Bäckar
1st AC: Endre Eken Torp
2nd AC: Andreas Nesse
DIT: Julia Nordsjø
Grip: Bob Aas Carho
Grip Assistant: Kim Berg / Simen Nordskog
Production Designer: Louise Andersson
Props Master: Stein Bjørgo
Props Assistant: Morten James Willums
Puppeteer and Dir. Assistant: Markus Tangre
Puppeteers: David Bjørnstad, Daniel Arntzen
Wardrobe / Stylist: Irene Skar
Gaffer: Ole-Bernt F. Helgås
Gaffer Assistant: Anders Ødegaard
Gaffer Assistant: Mats Strømme
Casting: Stella Casting
Post Producer: Øystein Dyb
Editor: Henrik Zwart
VFX: Ola Jacob Nestande, Erik Teigland
Post Coordinator: Markus Tangre
Creatives: Per Erik Jarl, Christian Hygen
Project leader: Julie Henriette Stenberg
Agency Producer: Linn Engen
Client Consultant: Torstein Drogseth

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