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Motorbike helmets get a second chance in GREYnJ United campaign for the Thai Health Promotion Fund

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Every year, Thailand’s Songkran New Year Festival is celebrated with the smiles of Thailand through joyful water splashing and heartwarming family reunions. Sadly, the revelry and joy are dampened for many because of the high number of road deaths that occur at this time of year, making these roads one of the most dangerous in the world.

Approximately 12,000 people die in fatal crashes annually, and 74% of road deaths are motorcyclists. The lack of helmet use is the most common reason, as only 45% wear one, and many are negligent because they commute short distances within their neighborhood.

The Thai Health Promotion Fund (SSF) and GREYnJ United created a mind-changing campaign, “The Second Life Helmet,” to raise awareness among new and existing motorcyclists of the dangers and consequences of riding without a helmet.


Almost every rider receives a helmet when they purchase a motorbike. In collaboration with 32 motorcycle shops, a social experiment was carried out to observe the reaction of new motorcyclists who received a “helmet” to which a sticker was attached.

The sticker on each helmet told a story as it was previously owned by “former riders” who no longer had the opportunity to use their helmet because they were involved in a fatal accident whilst traveling without wearing one. The helmets were donated by family members of someone who had died, hoping those who were made aware of the story would be encouraged to always wear a helmet.

A one-minute and forty-second film recorded the reaction of first-time motorcycle buyers when they received their helmets, read the stickers, and were then told the tragic details of how the original helmet owner met his death.

Sompat Trisadikun, Chief Creative Officer at GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok, said: “The revival of helmets belonging to riders who have passed is a reminder for bikers to take road safety more seriously and to wear a helmet every time they ride. The so-called ‘nudging’ technique brings psychological insights that influence people’s behavior, producing heightened feelings of loss aversion. As a result, road safety becomes a top priority in the bikers’ mind, and this reduces fatalities.”

The campaign also used ambient media, such as QR codes on posters lined up along congested Bangkok routes. Passes-by could scan the code to read the stories or listen to a close relative speak of the helmets’ original owner on the TikTok channel.


Title: The Second Life Helmet

Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Supatnuj Sorndamrih, Senior Director of Social Marketing
Kiatikun Siriwetchmongkolchai, Social Marketing Specialist
Thanawat Ngamkham, Social Marketing Officer

Chairwoman: Kanaporn Hutcheson
Chief Creative Officer: Sompat Trisadikun,
Chief Operating Officer: Kanokkorn Seehapan
Head of Production: Kree Mangkang
Creative Director: Kanchat Chotewattanakul
Art Director: Nassara Laowma
PR manager: Saengwit Kewaleewongsatorn
Senior Copywriter: Khamolchanok Masaphan
Account Director: Nattida Sangchai
Senior Account Executive: Piyamapon Thiprapan
VDO Editor: Ronnakorn Phantawongsupakorn
Animating and Editing Manager: Chayakorn Jansee

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