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Oatside fans step up to declare their love for the oat milk in Rabbit’s Tale latest campaign

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Oatside, a Singaporean oat milk brand, has recently launched in Thailand and has gained phenomenal popularity due to its incredibly delicious taste, the result of the delicate process of making “the world’s most delicious milk” – the brand’s mission which it aims to communicate to the public. 

However, the use of the phrase “the best in the world” for advertising is not allowed in Thailand, as it may be considered overstated. Instead of retreating to the regulation, Oatside decided to go around it by responding with an impactful response.  

In partnership with Thai agency Rabbit’s Tale, brand decided to launch “Oatside SOS,” the campaign which started with a social post inviting everyone to help come up with alternative phrases to describe Oatside’s taste that could be referred to without mentioning “most delicious milk in the world.” This campaign encourages people to creatively express their love for the brand. 


The campaign went viral after it was launched as many were interested in joining these fun activities. Oatside’s fans helped confirm the product’s deliciousness with endless comments on Facebook and Twitter with all kinds of creatively interesting phrases to describe the taste. But the buzz didn’t stop online; Oatside went all out and actually used the phrase that everyone helped come up with on real outdoor medias throughout Bangkok causing the fans to hunt for their own phrases to share on social. 

From non-stop comments on social posts to outdoor media then back to social again, this campaign not only generated buzz and voices for the brand but also reaffirmed that Oatside’s taste is really delicious by those who matter most – the consumers themselves. 


Chief Executive Officer: Sunard Thanasanaksorn 

Managing Director: Sakunnapak Chaipracha 

Executive Creative Director: Papop Chaowanapreecha 

Creative Director: Kanon Umpornsirirat 

Senior Copywriter: Chotchanit Chanpensuk 

Art Director: Nutkritta Lertpitiwatana 

Associate Project Management Director: Chanok Thongdee 

Project Management Officer: Prapapan Waiyapat 

Chief Media & Performance Officer: Patthanin Samairat 

Media Planning & Performance Director: Panramon Lertsrikittiwat 

Senior Media Buyer: Pawncharin Choochuang 

Media Planner: Noramon Thuenyuenyong 

Community Team lead: Teeradet Patinyapirom 

Community Executive: Sarinya Muneerungsee 

Group Account Director: Dechakorn Amornwachirabodee 

Senior Account Manager: Nattawut Methithawat 

Account Executive: Natnicha Vangveravongsa 

Animator Group Head: Chrisjunior Drabik 

Animator: Naphat Saksitphiphat 

Animation Illustrator: Intu-on Eamsilapun 

Junior Animator: Supansa Kaewsompak 

Co-Producer: Natnicha Joemjan 

Sound Production Company: Tem Siang Co., Ltd. 

Sound Engineer: Manorom Hamichart 

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