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Publicis Conseil and Renault present playful ode to past and future for Captur E-Tech full hybrid

PARIS, FRANCE — The new Renault Captur E-Tech full hybrid has been eagerly awaited. As the flagship model in the Renault range, with over two million units sold to date, this restyling is an opportunity for the brand and its agency, Publicis Conseil, to write a new chapter in the saga.

Renault had already made its mark with its latest Captur E-Tech campaign, “Use it wisely.” A car manufacturer that advocates energy sobriety and invites its customers to use their cars less in favor of walking or cycling was a small revolution and proof of the manufacturer’s commitment to the energy transition.

Continuing the story that began two years ago, Publicis Conseil has come up with a new campaign, “Push it to the limit.” These limits are the messages that advertisers and brands use to push to make consumers want to buy their cars. Those were different times. The film is a parody of the car advertisements of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, when the car was seen as a weapon of seduction, power, and absolutely cool.


All this is done with a mischievous nod to the Renault ads of the time, as iconic models and scenes are recreated. Fans will recognize the R19 cabriolet, the R17, the R25 baccara, and the R21 2L Turbo in the cast. They’ll also appreciate the image treatment and the “Push it to the limit” soundtrack borrowed from the iconic 80’s film Scarface.

If the brand shows that it has come to terms with its past, it is also proving that it has evolved and responded to current concerns. The transition to the present is made by zooming out to reveal a sculpture made from old television screens. The New Renault Captur E-Tech passes in front and continues on its way, signifying that the past is behind it.

The modernity of the camera shots underlines the Renault Captur’s design and highlights the benefits of the E-Tech full hybrid engine: in town, it saves up to 40% fuel, can be driven electrically up to 80% of the time, and has a range of up to 1000 km.

In addition to its motorization, the new Renault Captur also benefits from a distinctive restyling: with sharper corners, a slimmer and more rectilinear radiator grille, a new luminous signature, and a new Renault emblem, the design of Captur is objectively modern and takes up the codes of the current brand identity.

Let’s not forget the move upmarket in terms of technology, with the OpenR link multimedia system from Google integrated with Google Maps navigation, voice control with Google Assistant, and more than 50 applications available with Google Play — a first for this segment.

Arnaud Belloni, Renault World Marketing Director, said, “This film is an advertising item that shows that Renault is not denying its past, the brand is firmly rooted in the present and aware of the issues facing its fellow citizens. Today, the majority of French people need their car every day, but they also want to do more to protect the planet’s resources. When some people think that the car is part of the problem, we show that it can be part of the solution.”

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