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Rabbit’s Tale introduces GQ Apparel’s new socks that won’t let the bad smell ‘kick in’

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Rabbit’s Tale, Thailand’s norm-breaking experience agency, has teamed up with GQ Apparel, the innovative tech apparel brand, to introduce the revolutionary GQ SMELLBLOCK™ Socks designed with a new technology to combat the unpleasant foot odor during important moments in life. 

Rabbit’s Tale and GQ Apparel have collaborated to create a powerful and hilarious video ad campaign called “S​MELL KICK!” With six captivating episodes, this campaign dares to confront the issue of smelly feet head-on, addressing situations that have been long left unspoken in public discourse. Whether dining out, engaging in sports activities, or at home, these commercials fearlessly expose the challenges caused by foot odor, which not only kicks into the nose of those surrounding people but also kicks away bigger matters in their lives. 

By bringing the issue to the public forefront, these hilarious commercials not only entertain viewers but also make them realize they are not alone in this struggle. With witty humor and relatable scenarios, this campaign resonates with viewers, gaining more than 1 million views in 24 hours. Consumers also use these videos as a message for their Facebook friends with stinky feet, by sharing them video online resulting in more than 20k shared organically. 


Let’s witness the hilarious kick-ass (or to be more accurate, ‘kick-nose’) experience in the “S​MELL KICK!” video ad campaign and kick away the bad odor with GQ SMELLBLOCK™ Socks. 


Client: GQ Apparel  

Agency: Rabbit’s Tale 

Chief Executive Officer : Sunard Thanasanaksorn 

Managing Director : Sakunnapak Chaipracha 

Executive Creative Director: Papop Chaowanapreecha 

Creative Director : Arnon Kantawang 

Art Director : Achiraya Wongtrirat  

Copywriter: Sujinun Jirawatt, Kanyanat Ukhlib 

Executive Director of Strategic Planning: Nathanit Tantanapornkul  

Strategic Planning Manager: Marwin Mamai 

Group Account Director: Dechakorn Amornwachirabodee 

Senior Account Manager: Nattha Srivicha, Nattawut Methithawat 

Associate Project Management Director: Chanok Thongdee 

Senior Project Management : Thanyaporn Damprasert 

Director : Rong Soralamp 

Production House: Home Run Film 

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