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Rakuten Viber launches Branded Viber Gems with Nido 3+5+ for Mother’s Day

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Rakuten Viber has rolled out Branded Viber Gems, its latest interactive advertising solution.

One of the country’s trusted growing-up milk brands and the expert in healthy toddlerhood, NIDO 3+5+, introduced the solution in the Philippines with a special Mother’s Day campaign, developed together with its integrated media agency OpenMind. The Nido 3+5+ Branded Viber Gems campaign is the solution’s debut in the country and across the entire Asia Pacific region.

Viber Gems are special festive animations activated when users send certain words or phrases such as “Happy Birthday” or “Happy New Year.” The feature has long been enlivening chats: in 2023 alone, it received over 35 million views in the Philippines. Branded Viber Gems are a unique product placement option that raises brand visibility and creates positive associations between a popular holiday and a brand.


Rakuten Viber and Nido 3+5+ made sure to celebrate all moms and their acts of love: when users send “Happy Mother’s Day” in chat, their moms, grandmas, aunts, and all kinds of mothers (fur ones included!) will see a vibrant festive greeting with a yellow heart, courtesy of Nido 3+5+.

“NIDO 3+5+ has been the #1Ally of Filipino moms for more than 50 years now. We take pride in supporting our moms in ensuring a healthy future for their toddlers. That’s why we celebrate all moms as #1Moms! We’re very excited to partner with Rakuten Viber for our Mother’s Day campaign. We see Branded Viber Gems as an innovative digital advertising tool in raising brand awareness and engagement but also a way to really connect with an evolving and modern audience,” said Gian Abaya, NIDO 3+5+ Brand Manager.

Nido Mothers Day campaign in the Philippines insert

“Given that 65% of Rakuten Viber users in the Philippines are women, we want to leverage this unique opportunity to boost engagement with our target market and deepen our connection with them during this highly anticipated celebration, a time when mothers get the spotlight, uplift each other, and also express love to those who raised them.”

“Seeing Filipinos’ enthusiastic response to Viber Gems, we seized the opportunity to introduce it to our brand partners as an inventive way to interact with their customers,” shared Karla Banua, Sales Lead, Advertising in APAC at Rakuten Viber. “We’re thrilled to roll out this Branded Viber Gems campaign in collaboration with Nido 3+5+ and OpenMind for Mother’s Day, a cherished occasion in the country. This partnership allowed us to launch the first Branded Viber Gems campaign in the Philippines and across Asia Pacific. Together, we hope to set new standards for creating immersive digital solutions that enhance positive brand experiences.”

The Nido 3+5-branded Viber Gems are accessible to users in the Philippines on May 11 to 15: both on mobile and desktop, matching fun and festive greetings that help celebrate Mother’s Day.

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