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Reliance Digital and L&K Saatchi & Saatchi encourage people to be friends with technology

MUMBAI, INDIA —  As India’s largest electronics retailer, with a pan-India presence in over 800 cities, Reliance Digital understands the need for a friend to help navigate this ever-changing world of technology. The brand has taken a huge leap forward by reimagining its stores not merely as points of retail, but as tech playgrounds, where people are encouraged to touch, feel, experience, and enjoy new technology guided by a team of expert tech advisors.

Brian Bade, Chief Executive, Reliance Digital

Reliance Digital Chief Executive Brian Bade said, “It’s based on a simple insight, that everybody needs technology, everyone is fascinated with it, but not everyone is necessarily comfortable with it. That’s because technology is changing all the time and it’s easy for a lot of people to feel left behind. Within this rooted cultural reality we believe that Reliance Digital is the catalyst that will enable a large mass of people to connect with technology by creating a welcoming retail tech experience. This philosophy informs everything we do, how our stores are designed, how the sales staff interact, the way demos are carried out and the manner in which after-sales service is delivered. At Reliance Digital, we understand the varied needs people have, as well as their apprehensions and fears when it comes to technology. That’s why we want to be the friend that can connect people to the technology they want. The films capture this in an authentic, intimate, moving way.”

Paritosh Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi

Agency partner L&K Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Paritosh Srivastava remarked, “This is an idea that is special because of the truth it captures and the powerful role it appropriates to Reliance Digital as a retailer. It’s not just a campaign or an idea, it is the guiding philosophy and role that Reliance Digital wants to play in people’s lives. The brand intends living this idea through the whole consumer lifespan of the relationship, at every consumer touchpoint and experience. The attempt is to create brand love and trust for Reliance Digital, and we strongly feel that in the transactional and offer-led nature of the retail category, this brand agenda will help Reliance Digital leapfrog to leadership in both the share of heart and mind of the country. The campaign will have high resonance as we all know someone in our circle of family and friends who is getting left behind and is in need to overcome the fear and become Friends with Technology.”


Kartik Smetacek, Jt.National Creative Director of L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, added, “The campaign appropriates an entirely new space for an electronics retailer. Something that’s truly relevant and meaningful – our customers’ actual relationship with technology. Acknowledging that rapidly changing tech leaves so many of us behind, we’ve positioned Reliance Digital as an ally that helps you to lose your apprehensions. Encouraging you to touch, feel, and play with technology guided by our team of experts. It’s an emotional, heart-warming idea, captured in the line: Technology se rishta jodo.”


Agency: L&K Saatchi & Saatchi
CEO: Paritosh Srivastava
Jt.NCD: Kartik Smetacek
Creative Team: Trishay Kotwal, Vikas Gaur, Avinash Jakhalekar, Anand Vyas, Prashant Patankar, Yogesh Tajane, Suresh Warekar, Darshan Jalgaonkar, Smita Misra, Kushal Garde, Akanksha Sinha, Mehek Ahuja
Chief Strategy Officer: Snehasis Bose
Executive Vice President: Debarjyo Nandi
Account Management: Noorbanu Qureshi, Ankit Gada, Vimesh Salian, Akshay Surve, Shivam Todankar, Disha Bhanushali
Agency Producer: Jignesh Maru, Rahebar Sonawalla
Production House: Chrome Pictures.
Grandmother Film Director: Amit Sharma
Mother Film Director: Advait Chandan
Associate Director : Aman Rai
Producer: Abhishek Notani and Rajat Gulati.
Project Coordinator – Napoelan Daniel Amanna
Music Director: Bharat and Hitarth

Post Producer- Dutta
Post Producer Asst – Sanjay

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