MANILA – SM Supermall’s infamous ‘elevator girl’ has now been promoted to become the new face of the ‘lovescalator.’ Cheridel Alejandrino is now the escalator girl in SM’s continuous promotion on its proper escalator usage. Noticing the problem of unruliness in their escalators mid-last year, SM launched a campaign where they implemented the ‘walk on the left, stand on the right’ policy through their online and offline graphic materials.

Now, SM continues to stand by their implemented policy by re-introducing the viral sensation, elevator girl, which is the title of their employee Ms. Alejandrino. Through this video campaign inspired by the viral ‘hokage’ moves before, she taught proper escalator etiquette through ‘love’. She went on full Michael V. mode by going through different disguises while holding unsuspecting mall goers by the hand. The SM mall goers were caught off guard at first, but nevertheless find the absolute humor in the situation. She still carries her entertaining, stewardess like voice throughout the campaign.

Through light hearted humor and a pop culturally relevant prank, SM Supermalls concocted another viral sensation through their accidental one. Maybe this corporation has finally found an answer to every Filipino’s pet peeve.