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Social Panga and Himalaya Haircare prove that women are naturally strong on International Women’s Day

MUMBAI, INDIA — To honor the spirit of women and celebrate their strength on the occasion of National Women’s Month, wellness store Himalaya has launched its latest digital campaign, #NaturallyStrong. Conceptualized by creative agency Social Panga and executed by production house The Yellow Shutter, the campaign aims to celebrate the natural strength of women.

Himalaya’s hair care portfolio, which includes shampoo, conditioner, cream, oil, and henna, will showcase today’s women, and encourage them to embrace their inner strength and ability to accomplish everything they set their minds to. Women today are breaking stereotypes and challenging norms. They are strong, resilient, and powerful, and Himalaya believes their hair should reflect that too. Himalaya urges women to embrace their strength with the launch of #NaturallyStrong, giving them the ability to feel self-assured and strong.


The #NaturallyStrong campaign highlights the insight that whenever women are about to take charge and put their efforts into finishing a task, they instinctively tie their hair quickly because it makes them feel more focused. As a result, they believe they can overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals. Himalaya strongly believes that every woman is naturally strong and beautiful, and this campaign celebrates that inner power and confidence. The campaign also displays Himalaya’s hair care range of products, made with natural ingredients, and tailored to solve specific hair problems of various hair types. In addition, the products are free from harsh chemicals, making them safe and effective for everyday use.

The #NaturallyStrong campaign features a digital video showcasing women who have faced obstacles and become stronger and more self-assured. The campaign features real women from diverse backgrounds sharing their experiences/journeys of resilience and inner strength while demonstrating their capacity to manage anything and everything. The campaign invites women globally to share their experiences and celebrate their individuality by using the hashtag #NaturallyStrong.

“At Himalaya, we believe that strength comes from within, and our new DVC campaign perfectly encapsulates this idea. Our #NaturallyStrong campaign celebrates women’s inner courage and inherent resilience and strength. In addition, our hair care products have significantly grown, making them one of Himalaya’s top product categories. We are delighted to offer products that nourish hair and give women the confidence and ability to embrace who they are. The #NaturallyStrong campaign is testimony that Himalaya has always been at the forefront of promoting natural and environment-friendly beauty products,” said Sushil Goswami, General Manager, Marketing, Himalaya Wellness Company.

Sunitha Natarajan, Director, Digital Strategy, Social Panga, said, “At Social Panga, we have always believed in bringing out narratives that leave a lasting impact. So, this Women’s Day, we did not want our brand to put out just another wish. We wanted to connect with the users on an intrinsic level and with our insight, we hit the nail on the head with a gesture so simple yet so close to home for most women. We are proud to tell this story that celebrates women’s inner strength, which comes so naturally to them.”

Archana Sudarsan, Creative Director, Social Panga

Archana Sudarsan, Creative Director, Social Panga, shared, “We always look for opportunities to tell real stories. And with Women’s Day, Himalaya gave us a chance to bring out a narrative that’s relatable to women all over the world. The moment of determination that we display by tying our hair just before taking on the world. This piece is truly special, because in a clutter of open hair sagas, here’s an attempt to celebrate the real gathering of strength.”

The campaign will run throughout March and will be promoted across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Himalaya has also partnered with influencers to create engaging content and spread the message of celebrating women’s strength and confidence.

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