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St Luke’s creates a fruity island fantasy world for Old Mout Cider

LONDON, UK — Old Mout Cider has launched a national summer advertising burst starring its iconic Kiwi brand mascot, who brings people together in the fruity island fantasy world of MOUTOPIA, where everyone is welcome. The new ads showcase Old Mout’s delicious, natural fruit flavors and unique combinations.

The campaign, by creative agency St Luke’s, introduces MOUTOPIA, a place where people are inspired to connect so that everyone, no matter how different, can live together harmoniously, “side by cider,” in the same way that, inside every bottle of Old Mout cider, different fruit flavors come together.

A playful 30-second film dramatizes how unexpected connections with different people can help create a happier and brighter world and showcases Old Mout’s exotic family of flavors: Pineapple & Raspberry, Strawberry & Apple, Berries & Cherries, and Kiwi & Lime. 


In the film, the iconic kiwi bird springs from the Old Mout Cider logo and uses a zip wire to get to an island made of pineapple. He harnesses a pineapple slice to build a bridge to an island of raspberries before using blueberries to make stepping stones to the cherry island — allowing all the inhabitants, who resemble model figurines, to connect with each other.

“The joy of a fruit bowl isn’t in one fruit alone; like people we don’t belong on our own,” said the rap soundtrack. “If you’re sweet like a berry or sharp like a lime, it’s all in the blend and the way we combine… Welcome to MOUTOPIA. A place where everyone can live side by cider.” As the film ends, the kiwi is surrounded by groups of people from the different ‘fruit’ islands, all celebrating being together.

CGI is by Lobo, and the MOUTOPIA rap soundtrack is performed by Native Music based on lyrics by St Luke’s.

The film broke on May 20, with online and social elements also launching this month, including a bespoke Snapchat filter, which brings MOUTOPIA to life. OOH activity breaks in June, running across the UK, including large digital sites at London’s Westfield sites in White City and Stratford and at the Maximus in Liverpool Central.

Rachel Holms, Cider Brand Unit Director at HEINEKEN UK, commented, “We’re thrilled to introduce our new Old Mout Cider campaign, MOUTOPIA, which showcases our exotic, natural flavours through the coming together of different fruit islands. At Old Mout, we embrace our differences through our unique and refreshing flavors that can be found in every bottle of our cider.”

Alan Young, Joint Chief Creative Officer at St Luke’s, added, “The opening line of our MOUTOPIA song says it all: ‘The joy of a fruit bowl is not in one fruit alone.’  Inside every bottle of Old Mout, delicious natural fruits come together in perfect harmony, so our aim was to celebrate Old Mout’s natural, blended fruit flavors by showing how people, no matter how different, can blend and mix together just as perfectly. Animation collective Lobo excelled as ever, giving us a vibrant, colorful world and storytelling with humor and pace.”

The campaign runs nationally on VOD, online, social, and OOH through to the beginning of September 2024. St Luke’s has been the brand agency for Old Mout since 2014.

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