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Stashfin and Havas Worldwide bring unique superpowers to consumers in awareness-building spot

MUMBAI, INDIA – Stashfin, a leading fintech platform, has launched a new campaign to drive awareness about its unique offering. Stashfin provides instant access to funds in a seamless and efficient manner with a flexibility of repayment making it one of the most convenient digital lending platforms. The campaign, created by Havas Worldwide India, promotes the innovative product that allows customers to get instant funds for a variety of needs, providing them with the ideal financial boost in the most easy and hassle-free manner.

Stashfin has been dedicatedly working towards the financial inclusion of various customer segments who find it difficult to be accepted by traditional banking systems, with a brand promise of “Nobody in India should be credit-starved.” The company also assists the under-represented in developing their credit footprint, allowing them to improve their quality of life. Stashfin provides flexible tenures ranging from three to 36 months, quick processes and easy application, instant funds, and the unique proposition of only paying interest on the amount used.


With a quirky approach in the two-film campaign, a witty superhero fumbles and appears to be an antihero, unable to use his superpowers to help those around him. However, the only good he does is introduce others to the all-new Stashfin Credit Line App, which becomes their superpower as well.

Speaking about the campaign, Shruti Aggarwal, Co-founder of Stashfin, said “Stashfin has always strived to provide a positive customer experience, which is why we focused on every detail of making our product simple to use. With the goal of making the Stashfin’s offering available to everyone who needs credit, it is critical that credit be made available to the majority in an effortless way. As Stashfin plays a critical role in fulfilling people’s needs, it is evidently a superhero. With our latest films, we want to show how Stashfin, as a superpower, can help anyone in need.”

Bobby Pawar, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of Havas Group India, said, “The ever-changing fintech space allows us to tell very interesting stories, and collaborating with a brave brand like Stashfin has been great fun. We are always eager to take on the challenge of portraying the dynamic fintech space as not only exciting, but also relatable and aspirational. A bumbling superhero who makes mistakes is a novel concept that communicates the brand’s core concept of quick and easy access to funds. I’m confident that, like our previous collaboration, this one will bear fruit too, with people choosing the brand Stashfin.”

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