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StopVEO and Publicis Conseil visualize a metaphor to push for non-violence

PARIS, FRANCE — In commemorating the International Day for Non-Violence in Education last April 30, the StopVEO association, Enfance sans violences, and Publicis Conseil have launched their fourth campaign to raise awareness of violence against children.

Violence is still used in education today because it is passed down from generation to generation. Children who are victims of violence build themselves up as adults by reproducing what they have always known. Science is now shedding light on the consequences of violence on children’s development, but we still need to raise awareness if we are to build a non-violent society.

At the heart of this awareness campaign is the film The Legacy, designed by Publicis Conseil, directed by Cole Webley, and produced free of charge by BIG Productions (Raphaël Carassic).


The film tells the story of a family legacy. It tells the story of the ordinary violence that is unconsciously passed on, as if it were inevitable, often disguised under the guise of education, for the so-called benefit of the children.

If this violence is engraved in our DNA, why shouldn’t it be visible as a physical characteristic?

The metaphor of the “big hand” represents blows and humiliation. All this ordinary educational violence is passed down from generation to generation, with the weight carried by children weighing on their adult lives.

The film visualizes one man’s internal struggle between what he has endured and what he will decide to pass on the day he becomes a father in his own right.

StopVEO and Enfance sans violence have been working since the latter’s creation in 2016 to help adults understand these patterns by informing and raising awareness. An education without violence is not only possible, but it is also essential to building balanced and peaceful adults.

The 30-second version of the film The Legacy was broadcast on French television last April 29 and has been relayed on the social networks of StopVEO and Enfance sans violences, in its 2-minute and 47-second version. France 2, France 3, France 5, LCPAN, Tf1, Ushuaïa TV, Histoire, TMC, TF1 Série Films, TFX are supporting the association.

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