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Supertails and Green Chutney Films put the focus on all pet needs

MUMBAI, INDIA — Back with its epic deals, pet-care start-up Supertails’ newest ad for its “What the Fluff” sale hits home with a simple question followed by the much-needed answer every pet parent wants. There are few experiences as unconditional as caring for an animal. Film production house Green Chutney Films captures this feeling succinctly by relating to every responsible pet owner’s journey.

Combining Supertails’ unique sense of precision and GCF’s imaginative flair, the 29-second ad opens with a heartwarming scene of a pet parent affectionately embracing her furry companions.

Bolstered with exceptional talent, which includes a human, a canine, and a feline, the latest ad film showcases the ease and convenience of the pet-care brand’s “super” app. Be it premium food and treats from top brands or essential veterinary care and exclusive pet pharmacy support, each frame highlights the brand’s unique offerings explicitly tailored for the needs of pet parents.


Suhasini Nair, Director at Green Chutney Films, said “My first directorial gig became better when the cast had adorable furry beings. Simple communication was elevated by our cast and an efficient team that pulled it off very well. I am grateful to Supertails for putting their trust in me and to our team at GCF for their constant guidance and support.”

The second stroke of genius and clear proof of the synergy between GCF and the Bengaluru-based startup, the simple yet vibrant campaign was brought to life to promote the latter’s online store’s sale starting from February 18 to 26. “Supertails is a brand growing leaps and bounds, and a category that I always wanted to work in because it’s dogs and cats; who wouldn’t? The idea was to keep communication simple and make pet parenting easy with all new features and doctor appointments,” said Manan Bhatt, Creative Director and Co-founder of Green Chutney Films.

“We’re thrilled to kick off our sale with the captivating ‘What the Fluff’ ad, skillfully crafted by Green Chutney Films. Their ability to truly grasp our vision at Supertails shines through beautifully in the campaign,” added Varun Sadana, Co-founder of Supertails.

“With pet parenthood on the rise, we recognize the challenges that pet parents face, from accessing reliable products to finding trustworthy veterinary consultations and pet pharmacy services. Our aim is to fill this gap by providing a one-stop platform for all their needs.”

Established in 2021 by Varun Sadana, Aman Tekriwal, and Vineet Khanna, the brand’s main focus is addressing pet-care needs while supporting pet families across the country.

Manashree Jani, Founding Member and Executive Producer at Green Chutney Films, shared, “Our second association with Supertails, and it’s only a joy to work with them. The clarity with which Varun and his team approach things is rare these days to see in advertising. We hope to build this partnership better and stronger. “

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