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Delipap Oy launches gender-neutral period products catering to non-binary individuals

HELSINKI, FINLAND — The launch of Tampon for Men for transgender men during last year’s Transgender Awareness Week became a global talking point. It was featured in news in 89 different countries and sparked lively discussions on social media. Opinions were divided, but feedback from the transgender community and supporters of diversity was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for feeling seen due to the campaign.

“We paid close attention to the conversation. From the feedback we recognized the need for completely gender-neutral products that would recognize non-binary individuals as well. Additionally, there were requests for other products, such as underwear liners and menstrual pads. Based on this, we started developing a fully gender-neutral product line that will be launched this summer,” said Sanna Karhu, CEO of Delipap Oy, the company that manufactures Vuokkoset products.

Gender-neutral period products acknowledge non-binary individuals

Tampon for Men highlighted the fact that menstruation can affect men as well. With a similar gender-neutral design, the new “For Menstruation” product line is even more inclusive and aims to expand the conversation about menstruation to include non-binary individuals as well.


“Some people who menstruate do not identify as women. They can be men, non-binary, or intersex. On the other hand, not all individuals who identify as women experience menstruation, and that does not make them any less women. We want to highlight this diversity of menstruation and gender,” said Sanna.

“Understanding of gender is continually evolving. Companies and organizations have no excuse to ignore scientific research on gender diversity. The world is changing, and businesses must change with it. This is another step in the right direction,” added DEI Consultant Dakota Robin.

For Menstruation product family will have tampons as well as underwear liners and menstrual pads, which were included based on feedback. It will be available in retail stores throughout Finland in June 2024.

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