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T&B Media Global partners with Two Bulls/DEPT® to launch a website for metaverse Translucia

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Thai media corporation T&B Media Global is celebrating the launch of the Translucia website: a metaverse project combining interconnected multiverses that aim to provide a space for users, creators, and businesses to access products and services under one umbrella.

The launch marks the first milestone of a partnership between T&B Media Global and Two Bulls/DEPT® that was kickstarted last year. This is the first opportunity for the public to connect with the anticipated project and register their interest in being part of it.


Jason O’Donnell, Managing Director of Two Bulls/DEPT® said, “We are thrilled to be part of this international collaboration and development of the Translucia Metaverse. Translucia has the potential to change the way people engage, and the team at Two Bulls/DEPT® is excited to share this first milestone with the world.”

This aspirational platform is built on values promoting prosperity to all digital citizens and equity of access, regardless of background. An ambition for the project is to make Web3 and the metaverse available to the public in an accessible and engaging way.

“We’re proud to have found a partner in T&B Media Global that shares both our values and beliefs — with technology, we can create a better tomorrow,” said James Kane, Founder & CEO of Two Bulls/DEPT®. “There’s immense opportunity to lead in the metaverse space right now, and we’re glad to see that Translucia is taking charge without losing sight of their values and the greater good for society.”

Apart from Two Bulls/DEPT®, international partners for this project include Dogstudio/DEPT® (video creation), Accenture Singapore (copy and translations), Blackflame China (Concept Art), Sunovatech India (3D assets) and Pellartech (Blockchain).

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