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The ad industry’s Super Bowl betting season is back with Initiative’s Marketing Multi

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Media agency Initiative has once again called for the industry to put their figurative money where their mouth is, and try to predict the marketing trends around the Super Bowl via its highly popular Marketing Multi betting platform.  

Built by Initiative’s cultural analytics department, The Marketing Multi crowdsources predictions from industry experts across the world and combines it with generative AI to provide the most eclectic multi-market with odds updating live every day. From Taylor Swift ad cameos to Temu promoting cheap products with an expensive brand ad to the number of commercials “made entirely by AI,” Marketing Multi features a series of strong contenders, plus wild cards, to make it interesting. 

Chris Colter, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Initiative, said, “The Super Bowl is the only place in culture where people not only pay attention to the ads but actively lean into them. As brands open their wallets to take a real punt on leaving a lasting impression, it’s become a cultural litmus test for the trends that matter.” 


Punters can only make two types of bets: will an outcome occur (yes or no); and how many times do they predict the outcome occurring? Scoring is based on probability with the final odds from each day added to a punter’s daily score calculation (just like a normal betting multi); whoever has the highest cumulative score earns a highly sought-after and super-legitimate official “Marketing-Multi Super Bowl Ring.”

In 2024, the platform has evolved to feature new AI-powered “match insights” to guide first-time betters. Using historic Super Bowl advertising trends and live web results will enable people to better understand the likelihood of each outcome and choose whether to play it safe or throw a “Hail Mary.”

Initiative Head of Communications Design, and architect of the platform, Ryan Haeusler said, “Every year we’ve looked to not just rerun The Marketing Multi, but evolve the experience. With these new AI-powered features, it now offers a more equal playing field for people to participate and add to our already diverse winners list.” 

Ryan continued, “While there’s no actual cash for the winner, pride is on the line. So, make sure you get your selections in ASAP.” 

The Marketing Multi is available here and is open to all agencies, marketers, media owners, or anyone simply wanting to have a punt and have some fun.  

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