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The giant of creativity awakens at Adfest 2023 with powerful animation by Juice

PATTAYA, THAILAND — Visual effects, design, AND audio powerhouse Juice has launched a powerful animated campaign to highlight ADFEST 2023‘s theme, “Rise.”  The campaign film tells the story of a giant named Creativity who awakens in Pattaya, which serves as a metaphor for the resurgence of the industry after the challenges of recent years.

Welcoming the resurgence of creativity at ADFEST 2023, the film is filled with symbols. Michal Dwojak-Hara, Creative Producer, Juice, commented, “Juice was absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to work on the ADFEST animation this year. The festival’s theme gave us a vision of a robot rising up, signifying all the various areas of creativity that were being celebrated.”


Michal elaborated, “The Giant’s design consists of various gear and props associated with the creative industry, such as camera rigs, lenses, prospects, tables, megaphones, measurement devices, and more. Built out of the things used by artists and designers, it’s a memento of creativity put on hold and then reawakened. There are more visual metaphors hidden within the environments. For example, the red sun on the rise resembles a camera’s recording light, and the flashes of lightning that activate some parts on the Giant’s body during a thunderstorm, symbolize camera flashes.”

After years in hibernation, the giant is finally awake, ready to embrace new concepts and chase new passions, which reflects the theme.

Michal added, “It was a unique concept, and it was clear to us that it was going to be a challenge to bring this concept to life. We decided to use the Unreal Engine and Houdini software. By selecting these tools, we were able to achieve a high degree of flexibility in adjusting elements and maintaining complete control over every aspect of the animation.”

Michal concluded, “Our vision for the animation was that the robot has been dormant for the past two years and is finally awoken to re-enter the creative world and celebrate with others. We wanted to emphasize the progression of time in a more visually interesting way, so we decided to incorporate a timelapse sequence into the video. This allowed us to highlight the significant amount of time that had passed since the last edition of the festival and create a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience for the audience. Our sound team played a crucial role in the project, creating a soundscape that perfectly complements the visuals. Initially, we focused solely on the sound design, without including any music. The introduction of music towards the end of the animation provided a powerful punch, creating an emotional and memorable experience for the audience.”

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