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The Region of Valencia teams up with Serviceplan Spain to launch immersive tourism campaign

BARCELONA, SPAIN — New technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual friends, and increasingly immersive video games are taking us further and further away from reality. Faced with this paradigm, the latest campaign of the Region of Valencia shows real places, activities, experiences, and moments. The new campaign developed by Serviceplan Spain encourages tourists to have unique, unfiltered experiences while reflecting on the importance of authenticity versus digital.

The protagonist chosen to voice the campaign is Arkano, a Spanish rapper with roots in the Region of Valencia, and winner of the Guinness World Record for improvisation. As a source of inspiration, he analyzed real conversations and expressions used in the virtual world, composing an exciting and emotional story, with parallels between both the real and the digital worlds. The spot features Arkano’s rhymed texts, accompanied by images and an audio-visual language characteristic of digital productions, closes with a tagline aligned with the concept of Mediterranean Live: “The most immersive experience is reality.”

The spot, directed by Cayetano Gonzalez at Isola Films, brings together everything that the Region of Valencia has to offer travelers: experiences, places, and feelings that have to be seen and lived to be believed, and cannot be found in the digital environment, but must be experienced. These experiences range from enjoying the light of the Mediterranean, to mountain landscapes, descending a river, sailing through crystal clear waters, contemplating the views from a cliff, its gastronomy, and catching unique sunsets. All this combines to make one of the most important objectives of the campaign: the promotion of the tourism products of the Region of Valencia.


The new campaign is a 360º campaign, integrated, innovative, and, above all, authentic, with a tone and a visual code that brings people closer to the destination, encouraging reflection and connection with the universal language of emotion.

The creative has been adapted to hundreds of pieces for various online and offline media, articulated around the different tourism products, target audiences, and seasonal seasons, to promote tourism throughout the year.

The campaign will be broadcast in Spanish and Valencian, nationally and regionally, and has also been translated and adapted for international markets.


Client: Turisme Comunitat Valenciana
Title: The Most Immersive Experience is Reality
Agency: Serviceplan Spain
CEO: Ainhoa de la Pozas
Executive Creative Director: Emilio Valverde
Art Director: Carlos Alcácer
Copywriters: Pablo Tesio, Andrea Ventura y Arkano
Client contact: Sergio Bellentani, Miguel Ángel Blasco, Luis Tormo, Carmen Sahuquillo Account director: Vanesa Gómez
Junior Account: Teresa Borrás
Production company: Isola Films
Director and Photographer: Cayetano Gonzalez

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