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A look at insights from Asia’s top thought leaders through Construct Digital’s podcast TransformAsians

SINGAPORE — TransformAsians, a series of candid conversations with Asia’s changemakers, showcases fascinating insights and hard-won lessons from thought leaders who are driving positive change within their communities and industries across the region. Covering topics as diverse as creativity, education, female empowerment, sustainability, global expansion, and wealth creation, each episode of TransformAsians digs deep to uncover what it really takes to make change happen and the different roles that people and technology play in this process.

Hosted by Construct Digital‘s own changemakers, Charanjit Singh and Richard Bleasdale, TransformAsians celebrates the innovative spirit that drives change, disruption, and human connections across Asia. The series is targeted at business leaders who spend every day in the transformation trenches. Each episode is packed with real insights and learnings on how to lead and manage change successfully.

“One of the biggest challenges with change is people. What it takes for people to buy into change and what it takes for people to lead and champion change. So I’ll be digging for insights on what drives their desire to make change happen, and what they do to take people on the change journey with them,” said Richard Bleasdale, CEO of Construct Digital.


“Technology is the engine that’s driving transformation in Asia, and I can’t wait to unpack the challenges and opportunities it offers with our guests on the TransformAsians podcast,” said Charanjit Singh, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Construct Digital.

Series One of the TransformAsians podcast features ten thought-provoking episodes with Asian leaders from across the healthcare, technology, not-for-profit, education, media, talent, conservation, sustainability, and wealth management sectors. The change-focused conversation topics range from “Dismantling Disinformation” to “Conquering Cancer,” and from “Failing Perfectly” to “Family Fortunes.”

The guests for Series One are:

  •  Sudhir Vadaketh – Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief, JOM
  • Simranjit Singh – CEO AMEA, GUARDANT HEALTH
  • Howie Lau How Sin 刘浩新 – Managing Partner, NCS GROUP
  • Sunita Kaur – Senior VP APAC, TWITCH
  • Sagar Khatri – Co-Founder/CEO, MULTIPLIER
  • Calvin & Dylan Soh – Co-Founders, ONE KIND HOUSE/IDEAS
  • Belina Lee – Deputy CEO, MANDAI X
  • Mun Summ Wong – Co-Founder, WOHA
  • Satyen Patel – Executive Chairman, ETON SOLUTION

Series One of TransformAsians launches on August 23 with Dismantling Disinformation. In this first episode, Sudhir Vadaketh, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of JOM, a weekly magazine about Singapore, discusses the critical need for strong, independent media in a healthy democracy. Viewers can look forward to the release of a new episode of TransformAsians fortnightly on Wednesday until the end of the year.

The TransformAsians podcast is available through regular podcasting channels such as Apple, Spotify, and Google podcasts, through its own TransformAsians Youtube channel and IG page, as well as featuring on Construct Digital’s website and LinkedIn page.

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