LONDON – TMW Unlimited has created a candid digital campaign for Lynx about what it means to be a man in 2017.

The ‘Men In Progress’ campaign comprises of nine videos featuring a cross-section of British men talking honestly about a range of personal topics, from the last time they cried to how they feel about their body and even their relationships with their fathers.

The stripped-back, monochrome films put the viewer’s attention squarely on the men, their opinions and their stories.

The final film in the series, called ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, features professional boxer Anthony Joshua and footballer Bobby Petta. The film sees men talking about the last time they cried.

The 9-month long campaign has run across digital and social media platforms.

David Titman, Marketing Manager, Lynx, Unilever, said: “’Men In Progress’ was created to highlight what it means to be a guy living in the UK in 2017 and is designed to challenge labels that prevent men from expressing themselves.”

Jeff Bowerman, Creative Director at TMW Unlimited, said: “We’re proud to have created a space where men can talk freely about the pressures they feel to conform to a certain idea of masculinity, and to help debunk some of the myths around what it means to really be a man.”