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WHOAREMARO present the coolest art event in Manila

MANILA – The Lifedrawing Setup is an event that brings together the local creative community for a night of art, drinks, live music and socializing. Coming back for its 7th round, WHOAREMARO will be holding the most popular nude figure drawing event in Manila at Warehouse Eight in La Fuerza Plaza along Chino Roces from 7-12 midnight.

The 5-hour event will comprise separate male and female posing sessions with breaks in between. Each model will be posing for 90 minutes broken down into 5, 15 and 30 minute poses. The pose times have been tweaked little by little throughout events to give the artist the most comfortable experience.


In attendance will be a wide array of creatives from professional artists, art students, and national artists, but don’t let these people intimidate because The Lifedrawing Setup is open to everyone whether you’re a self-taught artist starting out or have not drawn anything but stick figures until that day. The Lifedrawing Setup is a casual social event is to make you walk out having polished your drawing skills have made new friends in the creative community at the end of the day.

The Lifedrawing Setup by WHOAREMARO happens about every two months — the next one taking place this April 22, 2017. If you’re interested in live nude drawing or just plain hanging out around the local creative community, inquire to WHOAREMARO by emailing them at

Apart from The Lifedrawing Setup, WHOAREMARO is also up to a wider variety of art events so keep a lookout for them by subscribing to them on social media at FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | TUMBLR

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