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Tongue-in-cheek ads from Canon and Wunderman Thompson Dubai take smartphone cameras to task

DUBAI, UAE — A good camera has become one of the main selling points of a smartphone. But even with huge advancements in mobile phone technology, when it comes to high-quality photo shoots of the phones themselves, most campaigns will still use a pro camera to capture the best shots. It’s an insight that the team from creative agency Wunderman Thompson Dubai has used to create a cheeky campaign for imaging Canon called “A Masterpiece Camera,” showing the smartphone captured in a professional photoshoot using a pro-Canon camera.

“We wanted to make people think of Canon every time they see a beautifully shot smartphone ad. So, we developed this series of ads that show the behind-the-scenes look at the moment a Canon is set up to take the perfect shot of a smartphone. It’s a simple way to make people remember the craft and the joy of working with a pro camera,” Pablo “Daf” Dachefsky, executive creative director for Wunderman Thompson Dubai, said. “The campaign also celebrates the talent, attention to detail, and mastery that goes into professional photography. After all, although the advent of phone cameras means that photography is in everyone’s hands, capturing a truly great picture can be more difficult than many think.”


The campaign has been created by Wunderman Thompson Dubai for Canon and Kinafoto, the ultimate destination for professional photographers. It will be launched across social media, print, and ads in outdoor locations.


Co-Founder & CEO: Alfonso Cuadrado
Photography Consultant: Emanuel Burset
AGENCY: Wunderman Thompson Dubai
LAUNCH DATE: 12 December 2022

Chief Creative Officer, MENA: Chafic Haddad
Executive Creative Director: Pablo ‘Daf’ Dachefsky
Creative Director: Hassan Bilgrami
Senior Art Director: Jericho Dizon
Motion Graphic Designer: Aashim Kadayikkal

Photographer: Ale Burset
Post: Diego Speroni
Production House: El Nene Del Globo Rojo

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