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Wunderman Thompson Thailand wins Adman Agency of the Year

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Creative, data, and technology agency Wunderman Thompson Thailand delivered an unprecedented, industry-leading performance by winning the Agency of the Year recognition for the third continuous year at “Adman Awards & Symposium 2022,” the annual awards event themed “Shift Happens.” Held by the Advertising Association of Thailand, Adman is a prestigious year-end event for agency people. The achievement reaffirmed Wunderman Thompson Thailand’s readiness and capability to support clients through challenges in their journey to success.

Maureen Tan, chief executive officer of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, said, “Marketing communication and the advertising industry are vital to brands and businesses, and they contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth and development. Our third consecutive Agency of the Year win is a remarkable achievement in line with our commitment to helping brands and businesses deliver their messages to their audiences and make an impact on people and society at large. The 96 awards won today reaffirm our readiness and strong expertise in supporting our clients through challenges towards success.”

Awards won by Wunderman Thompson Thailand at Adman Awards 2022:

  • A special recognition “Adman Advertising Agency of the Year 2022”
  • Netflix 39 awards
  • dtac 20 awards
  • Mongkut Fertilizer 11 awards
  • Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation 8 awards
  • The1 5 awards
  • Malee Homestyle 4 awards
  • Malee Coco 4 awards
  • Heineken 1 award
  • Wacoal 1 award
  • KITKAT 1 award
  • Dutch Mill Selected 1 award
  • Roza 1 award

All the 96 awards span all 16 competition categories including “CRAFT,” “Print & Publishing,” “Out of Home,” “Film,” “Experience & Activation,” as well as “Ad That Works” and new sub-categories like “Data Visualization Design,” “Music,” “Sponsorship & Brand Partnership,” “Guerrilla Marketing & Stunt.” Wunderman Thompson Thailand has also received accolades from two new categories namely “Brand That Shifts” and “Meta Special” together with honors in “Good”, “Best of Show,” and a special award named “Advertising Agency of The Year 2022” with the highest score of 394 points.

Park Wannasiri, chief creative officer of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, added, “Judging at Adman is obviously different from that of international competitions. All the judges know exactly whether an entry is effective in real life or if it clicks with Thai people. At an overseas competition, the judges may see the very same campaign and can judge it based solely on what the entry is because they would not be able to see how effective that ad is in a real-life context.

Park continued, “I would like to point out that creative works from Thailand are fun and diverse. All agencies have their own uniqueness and many of their works are touching. At Wunderman Thompson, one of our strengths is our diverse approaches to clients’ pain points. We have talent from all different expertise come together, and make the impossible possible. Our winning works at this year’s event resulted from this multi-team collaboration across the agency. They are grounded on the actual pain points of our clients combined with our passion for striving for the best, most impactful results. We strive to create works that we want to discuss, works that move the industry and works that others will use as references. Work hard, play hard, and stay humble. That is the description of #YoungJ.”

Parattajariya Jalayanateja, managing director of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, concluded, “Every entry submitted is a result of our joint efforts to take on business challenges faced by our clients and various industries over the past year. We were doing real work, based on real briefs, and to drive real business results. I am delighted and proud of the entire team of Wunderman Thompson as everyone has worked so hard and so passionately throughout the year. Most importantly, we would like to thank our clients who trust our agency and are more than ready to go along with us at every step. For next year, we promise we will never stop and to stimulate our industry to a new level of fun and intensity.”

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