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Warnings from the future get the spotlight in this FCB Shout and Allianz Malaysia retirement plan campaign

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — When you think of campaigns for retirement schemes, chances are, the first image that comes to mind are those of an elderly couple strolling on a sandy beach with smiles and sun on their faces as they look towards the horizon with hope glinting in their eyes while the copy assures the audience that its savings plan will sufficiently prepare them for retirement. 

“Be A-Z Ready For Tomorrow,” FCB SHOUT’s first campaign for Allianz Malaysia, peeled off these layers of outdated cliches, and instead focused on the issue at the center of the retirement reality — preparing for retirement requires more than just saving money. 

“While it’s undeniable that savings is a critical component of retirement preparation, most Malaysians are under the impression that saving is the only thing that they need to do,” explained Amy Loke, Chief Market Management Officer of Allianz Malaysia. “The reality is, to plan for a total retirement, it is also essential to put other factors like healthcare cost and life’s unpredictability into consideration.” 


FCB SHOUT’s pitch-winning idea dove head-on into the issue, crafting a narrative around the harsh future that awaited the audience should they continue to plan their retirement the traditional way of solely bolstering their finances.

“It’s a challenging conversation because of how deeply ingrained the old method is in the minds of Malaysians,” Amy added. “But FCB SHOUT’s creative concept truly hit the nail on the head; not only raising the awareness on the importance of the oft-neglected healthcare and life aspects of retirement and showcasing how our Total Retirement Solutions are designed to get Malaysians A-Z ready for tomorrow, but also successfully doing so in a refreshingly light manner that made this difficult conversation easy to digest for our audience.” 

The “Be A-Z Ready For Tomorrow” campaign kick-started the conversation with a lighthearted film that saw the protagonist’s older future self travelling back in time to warn him about the perils that plagued their retirement, as a result of the retirement savings scheme he had just contentedly signed up for. 

“Challenging the traditional view will always come with resistance and skepticism, so we chose to bring the issue and Allianz Malaysia’s total retirement solutions to the audience’s attention using humour and entertainment to make our message more palatable,” said Suah Boon Chuan, Creative Director of FCB SHOUT. “More essentially, we needed to show a true understanding of our audience’s desired future lifestyle, hence even our portrayal of retirement was reimagined based on the natural progression of their current way of life. There might be sci-fi elements in our spot, but we wanted it to be clear that the issue was anything but fictional.” 

The campaign also featured a social experiment video where Malaysians were surprised by a message that revealed the ineffectiveness of their retirement plans from their future selves, generated by AI and face-mapping technology. The video was designed as a more realistic companion piece to the main film, showing viewers the reality of their retirement plans and helping them understand the real perils that await them in the future if they do not shift their current mindset regarding retirement – that saving money alone is enough for retirement. 

“Be A-Z Ready For Tomorrow” is running across all media channels, including ATL, BTL and social media with the thematic film which aired on April 11, 2023 onwards and the social experiment which kicked off on September 04, 2023 onwards. To date, the campaign has garnered over three million engagements with more follow with the launch of its social experiment. 


Title: Be A-Z Ready For Tomorrow 


Chief Market Management Officer: Amy Loke 

Head of Brand & Marketing: Patrina Goh 

Team Lead – Consumer Marketing: Jamie Wang 

Consumer Marketing Specialists: Divya Pillay, Miki Yap, Shannon Yu 


Co-Owner & Chief Executive Officer: Shaun Tay 

Co-Owner & Chief Creative Officer: Ong Shi Ping 

General Manager: Syahriza Badron 

Head of Creative: Wang Ie Tjer 

Creative Directors: Jonathan Chan & Suah Boon Chuan 

Associate Brand Director: Kong Pooi Ling 

Brand Manager: Richie Chan 

Senior Copywriter: Wong Ching Sin 

Copywriters: Felice Puah & Sal Abdul Malik 

Senior Designers: Clovis Liew & Muhammad Fadhli bin Aduan 

Editor/Designer: Yong Li Ying 

Designer: Lim Joe Ann 

Senior Producer: Cheong Wai Leng 

Main Film Production House: MINERVA PRODUCTIONS 

Film Director: Hadi Hamid 

Executive Producer: Chia Lok 

Offline Editor: Gerard (DeTouche Post) 

Online Artist: Yan Jun (DeTouche Post) 

Colorist: Beh Jin Qiang (FilmTroop) 

Main Film Audio House: AUDIO AFICIANADO 

Studio Director: Farique Nadzir 

Sound Engineer: Emy & Ayem 

Social Experiment Production House: KDCo 

Film Director, Colorist & Sound Engineer: Aaron Wong 

Executive Producer: Fendy 

Offline Editor & Online Artist: Izzati

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