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Watsons, EON Group, and Quezon City Local Government create The Swarm to raise awareness against Dengue

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Tapping into the creative industry, the EON Group worked with Aijalonica Lei, Ennuh Tiu, and the House of Mizrahi to create a groundbreaking spectacle that visualizes the threat of dengue and showcases the dengue protection products from Watsons through a combination of fashion, style, and art.

Enter: The Swarm, four Aedes Agypti mosquitoes representing the dengue symptoms to watch for. Dressed in glamorous, larger-than-life but menacing costumes, each represented nausea, body pain, rashes, and fever using a black bodysuit accentuated with details that visualize the infection’s effects on one’s body: nausea’s clashing patterns to simulate dizziness; body pain’s spiky silhouettes that indicate aches; rashes’ puffy bumps for itchiness; and fever’s flame-shaped cutouts for increased body temperature.


Still, they are no match for Watsons’ even more glam and formidable Kontra-Dengue Duo, dressed in eye-catching teal and pink costumes complete with mosquito repellent patch shields for utmost protection. In an epic battle, the duo slays the swarm with their anti-dengue weapons can be easily purchased in-store or through the Watsons app. The result is a warning disguised as a fashion film to remind Filipinos to never let their guard down and take dengue seriously.

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