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Why are Filipinos always so happy? This new Jollibee spot explains

MANILA – Filipinos don’t always have the best of situations. But regardless of the problems we face everyday, you will always see tricycle and jeepney drivers, street sweepers, early morning commuters stuck in long MRT lines, laughing their hearts out for whatever reason.

This new Jollibee spot created by Publicis JimenezBasic captures the unwavering Filipino joy. Entitled, Joy of a Nation, the spot features Filipinos from around the country explaining why the Philippines is the jolliest nation you’ll ever meet.

“You know why we are joyful? Because we are surrounded with a lot of joys – from our happy birth names to our punny signs to our jolly streets to our joyful plants to our laughing jeepneys all the way to our favorite Chickenjoy that gives a lot of joy. It’s like we have a culture of joy,” these are just some of the responses given by a mom in the mountains, a jeepney driver stuck in traffic, a guard, a family, a college boy, a dad, an Aeta soldier, a kid, a grandma, a teacher, Filipinos from all walks of life.


“Our strategy was to capitalize on two truths: Pinoys are the jolliest people on earth and Jollibee Chickenjoy is a source of joy among Filipinos,” says Francis Flores, Jollibee’s Global Chief Marketing Officer. “These truths lent themselves well to our campaign – the most joyful nation in the world is a Chickenjoy nation.”

The video reached over one million views just within 16 hours of posting.


Brand: Jollibee

Brand Team: Francis Flores, Kent Mariano, Joseph Aruta, Ria Castillo

Agency: Publicis JimenezBasic

Creative Team: Trixie Diyco, Raymund Sison, Alnair Langkay, Jofer Mijares, Ryder Aquino

Accounts Team: Tats Cruz, Sab Santiago, Zia San Jose

Strat Team: CJ Jimenez, Cara Soto

Producers: Mia Ferrer, Julia Templo

Director: Edber Mamisao

Production House: Straight Shooters

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