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Yell BKK and PTT LPG join forces to support local eateries in Thailand

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Restaurants use gas stoves frequently, driving the community’s grassroots economy. Because gas stove products are considered items closely related to consumers’ daily lives, as they play an important role in food preparation, both in households and in numerous restaurants widely distributed throughout Thailand, marketing these products must be a collaborative effort by all parties involved. This includes ensuring the highest level of safety and quality from manufacturers, and a thorough understanding of the product by distributors to provide proper usage guidance and maintenance for end-users in various food establishments and households. 

In this context, they require access to high-quality products at reasonable prices for food preparation. As a result, this type of work goes beyond mere marketing; it is about creating satisfaction and passing on value from beginning to end.

To remain a market leader and icon, a brand must address long-term consumer needs and solutions. 


How to be number one in people’s hearts  

PTT LPG’s challenge is not to increase sales because the company is already a  market leader. It is instead about ensuring that customers, neighborhood restaurants, and gas stove retailers receive both quality and happiness. To that end, creative agency Yell BKK devised a campaign concept that recognizes and rewards local restaurants while also promoting mutual benefits and shared value for all. 

• In the B2B context, distributors are encouraged to promote sales to nearby community restaurants. 

• The primary focus in the B2C scenario is on community restaurants facing ongoing challenges post-COVID-19 and adapting to changing competitive landscapes. 

• Emphasizing the significance of being a reputable brand, as “Be a Good Brand” should deliver value, particularly to the majority of consumers who dine at local restaurants close to their homes.

• Creating rules with the user in mind, rather than the brand’s interests 

Giving comes first, not receiving  

The intent of PTT LPG is to genuinely support community businesses. Hence, the idea of awarding not just through typical competitions, but by seeking out and recognizing community-favorite restaurants emerged. People in the community come together to vote for their favorite eateries and share impressive stories. After that, the PTT team will visit and announce awards to the selected recipients. All of this serves as a means to endorse and promote these restaurants, as well as to enhance marketing through PTT LPG’s extensive and well-followed media presence. 

Moreover, the uniqueness of this campaign lies in its very “inclusive” terms, as whether or not a restaurant uses PTT LPG, they can participate in this initiative. Ultimately, if selected through the nomination process, they receive PTT LPG for free for another six months. Alternatively, if they appreciate the standards, they have the option to continue and become regular customers with the nearby distributors.

The reward for heartfelt effort  

Numerous positive feedbacks have been received, directly benefiting distributors, as well as fostering happiness among local restaurants and regular customers who assess value beyond measure. This is a result of the impressive  stories shared by loyal customers from various eateries 

All of this unfolded within a span of one and a half months of the campaign. It’s evident that executing B2B2C isn’t a straightforward task. It requires deep understanding and attention to detail amid a multitude of campaigns. It’s not just about creating advertisements or online posts to manage award distribution to various restaurants; rather, it begins with listening to the voices of everyone involved in the process.

As of date, the campaign has resulted in:

• About 500 nominations by the community 

• Nationwide promotion of 150 vendors

• Six million engagement

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