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Zhaori Weipin celebrates 20 years of sustainable farming with ‘Veggie Beethoven’ concert, led by Grammy-winning Dana Leong

BEIJING, CHINA — In partnership with independent agency F5 Shanghai, Zhaori Weipin, a renowned Chinese circular agricultural brand, marked its 20th anniversary with a remarkable musical event on July 08.

For this special occasion, the brand engaged two-time Grammy Award winner Dana Leong to perform at its organic farm in Laiyang, Shandong. The unique concert showcased Zhaori Weipin’s unwavering commitment to natural and sustainable agricultural practices.


In the innovative “Veggie Beethoven” Concert, Dana Leong utilized digital technology to convert organic vegetables from Zhaori Weipin’s farm into musical instruments. When touched by the artist, these vegetables emitted harmonious sounds, celebrating the vibrancy of nature on the fertile land.

As a globally recognized artist, this event marked Dana’s first foray into such a creative endeavor, drawing inspiration from Zhaori Weipin’s brand story. He deeply connected with the land’s significance to the brand, acknowledging that two decades of cultivating the earth had yielded a profusion of flourishing organic produce – a tribute to the dedication and hard work of Zhaori Weipin’s employees.

Dana incorporated natural sounds from the farm into his composition, seamlessly blending them with the notes produced by the vegetables. His performance culminated in a reimagining of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. As the music played, listeners could hear the cries of newborn calves, the whisper of the wind through the grass, the flutter of swallows’ wings, and the sound of ripening melons tumbling to the ground.

The “Veggie Beethoven” Concert offered Zhaori Weipin a platform to express its devotion to nurturing the earth and its commitment to circular agriculture to a broader audience. Through practicing circular agriculture and caring for the earth, Zhaori Weipin aims to provide healthier, more natural, and more organic food sources, delivering products that harmonize with nature, offer reassurance, and taste delicious. As the brand sets its sights on the next 20 years, it eagerly anticipates a future of sustainable living.

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