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Design: GOOD Meat digital experience by Resn celebrates first-ever sale of cultured meat in Singapore

SINGAPORE — GOOD Meat Cultured Chicken, the world’s first commercially produced cultured meat, will be served to the public for the first time tomorrow at restaurant 1880 Singapore. The meat, grown directly from chicken cells, was developed by Eat Just, Inc., a San Francisco-based food company that creates healthier, more sustainable foods using cutting-edge science and technology.

To introduce the new product to a global audience, Eat Just needed a digital partner that understood the product and could keep pace with the rapid evolution of the story, which has made headlines around the world. They selected global digital experience design studio, Resn, who created the website and helped design the physical packaging for the product.

“This is a very exciting advancement that could change the way we produce and eat meat on a global scale,” said Wade Cowin, Creative Director at Resn Wellington. “We wanted to convey the historic significance of GOOD Meat to an online audience with an engaging experience that puts chicken into its proper cultural context.”


The website,, features a colorful real-time 3D render of the chicken’s ancient ancestor, the red junglefowl. It tells the story of the domestication of chicken, from its wild origins to its modern commoditization as an industrialized agricultural product. It also speculates about the long term consequences of industrial meat production and how cultured meat can be part of a sustainable future.

“The way we farm chickens today is inhumane and unsustainable,” said Cowin. “It’s also unsafe for people, whether it’s farmworkers who suffer from respiratory diseases from inhaling contaminated air, the public who are at risk from food contamination, or the ever-present threat of zoonotic diseases. Products like GOOD Meat could change that.”

“It’s extremely gratifying to work with Eat Just to help introduce this product to the public,” said Resn’s Global Managing Director Rik Campbell. “This is a historic moment and a huge step towards creating a world where meat consumption doesn’t require unsustainable land use, animal cruelty, antibiotics, or growth hormones. We’re honored to be a part of it.”

The debut of GOOD Meat follows the regulatory approval for cultured meat in Singapore by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) earlier this month. The move paves the way for cultured meat to create a safer, more secure global food supply to help meet the increasing demand for animal protein worldwide.

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