Design: “The Incredible Magical Moving Sticker Exhibition” showcases digital art created by members of the public

SINGAPORE – EYEYAH! has commissioned 30 GIF stickers from leading artists and is challenging members of the public to use these dynamic works of art in creative ways in photos and stories. 

In what could be the first exhibition of its kind, anyone – from beginners to professional artists – can tinker with some of the fantastical creations and land themselves a spot in an outdoor street exhibition during Singapore Art Week 22 January – 30 January 2021


The outdoor exhibition is in partnership with Clear Channel. Selected public submissions will be displayed on their digital screens, Play, across bus shelters in Singapore, allowing hyper-targeting to audience through context, immediacy, interactivity and creativity. 

“We are excited to see how through our digital screens, Play, can bring out the magic in these moving stickers in forms of gifs and animations to tell a story. The capabilities of Play make a perfect platform for the creative showcase and we truly hope The Incredible Magical Moving Stickers Exhibition will bring joy to commuters and provide a refreshing commuting experience.” Says Amanda Woo, Chief Development Officer


How it works 

Each day of December, EYEYAH! will release a new sticker and invite the public to get creative with it. The task will be to make a story, using the sticker hosted on EYEYAH’s GIPHY page. By tagging @eyeyahmag in Instagram Stories, participants will automatically submit their artwork for the chance to be showcased. 

“There are some seriously ridiculous stickers and we know our audience will love them”, says curator Steve Lawler, founder of the bi-annual GIF FEST

For those unfamiliar with Instagram stories or stickers, EYEYAH! will be offering a series of talks and workshops where participants can learn about the process of sticker making and even have a go at making some themselves. 

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Participating Artists 

Hombre McSteez (United States), Jon Burgerman (United States), Reza Hasni (Singapore), Eeshaun (Singapore), Howie Kim (Singapore), Anngee Neo (Singapore) and Sesame Seed Cat (Singapore), BÜRO UFHO (Singapore), Ng Yong Huiii (Singapore), Teumm (Singapore), Eric Foenander (Singapore), Mr Papriko (Japan), Sidd Wills (United Kingdom), Adeline Tan (Singapore), Deladeso (United States), Sheryo (United States), Yeah Yeah Chloe (Australia), James Clapham (United Kingdom), Somewan Draws (Singapore), Dale Lam (Singapore), Owhyjy (Singapore), thisisjz (Singapore), 249.png (Singapore), Huiimiiin (Singapore), Shiaaan (Singapore), LVN93 (Singapore), Zootghost (Ireland), MGLO (France), Rollerskinny (Singapore), Tradervans (Singapore) and Beverly Ng (Singapore).

The Incredible Magical Moving Sticker Exhibition Curators Pick

(Left to right): BÜRO UFHO – Singapore, Anngee Neo – Singapore, Eric Foenander – Singapore, Somewan Draws – Singapore, Zootghost – Ireland

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