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Design: Tyrrell Winston X Reebok Question Mid explores subtle art of focus

NEW DELHI, INDIA — Footwear and apparel brand Reebok and contemporary artist Tyrrell Winston have confirmed the release of their highly anticipated footwear collaboration, the Tyrrell Winston x Reebok Question Mid.

Known for his found-object artworks featuring deflated basketballs, broken nets, and cigarette butt compositions, Tyrrell Winston’s art is both endearing and thought-provoking. Through Winston’s collaboration with Reebok, he expresses his love for heritage and basketball on the iconic Question Mid.

“First and foremost, the shoes needed to be something my friends and I could wear every day – nothing over the top, subtle details,” commented Winston. “When it comes to footwear, I prefer it simple and straightforward. But on a more abstract level, the shoes were about ongoing conversations with friends and the idea of envisioning oneself as a racehorse with blinders on.”


The result, is a clean yet evoking iteration of the iconic Reebok heritage sneaker, featuring pony hair elements,
Winston’s autograph on the outsole, and subtle nods to the artist’s New York doodles or “Noodles.”

“The Question Mid, well it’s a pinch-myself moment. Iverson’s cultural impact on and off the court is remarkable, almost godly, defying stamina and style. The silhouette is about reference to my work, but it itself is not art — on a certain level I look at it as a medium.”

The Tyrrell Winston x Reebok Question Mid is available now at INR 12,999 on, VegNonVeg, and Superkicks.

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