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Pixelation, motion collage and more trends pop out in Canva’s 2024 design forecast

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Canva has just released its “2024 Design Trends Report” that outlines what trends are expected to be big next year based on designs from its 170 million global users – a valuable heads up to designers, marketers and anyone tasked with creating visual content in 2024.

Canva’s 2024 Top 5 Design Trends: 

  1. PixelationThis graphic design trend draws on classic 8-bit video games and computer animations to evoke comfort and nostalgia. Grids, blocky fonts and pixel art fit perfectly with this trend.
  2. Flow and Form: Flow and Form combines geometric and organic shapes. This trend is all about a professional, yet lively vibe via playful blob art, flowing shapes in murals, and youthful brands.
  3. Motion CollageThe motion collage trend takes its cues from zine culture, handmade scrapbooks and photo collages to create intricate, shifting vistas. 
  4. SurrealismInspired by the 20th century art movement, fantasy art, ethereal designs and weird, subconscious connections are at the core of this trend. 
  5. The Bold RebrandThink vivid, fluorescent color schemes and rounded sans serif fonts. Organizations looking for generational change will draw on this trend to channel positivity, fun and optimism.

As companies evolve in highly competitive industries to deliver exceptional user experience and brand perception, being ahead of design trends is quickly becoming a business priority. Staying attuned to these trends allows designers to create products that resonate with their target audience – capturing attention and making a positive first impression.

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