Sustainability: BEYONDPLASTIC launches new book to celebrate the innovation and creativity in eco-design

KRONBERG, GERMANY — A world with less plastic is the dream of BEYONDPLASTIC, the global eco-design minded platform uniting passionate people working towards a shared vision.

The tastefully handcrafted book with the refreshing title ‘So long, plastic!’ describes, in detail, 85 innovative and creative solutions that reduce or replace single-use plastic products. Also, exciting initiatives with the goal to fight against society’s plastoholic behavior and the problems related to plastic pollution are presented in vivid text and impressive images.

The book celebrates the participants of the BEYONDPLASTIC Award, which honors eco-designers with the motto, ‘Let us start a product and packaging renaissance across the world’. The solutions have been elegantly showcased in high-quality print in a book that is sure to spark interesting conversations around the coffee table.


Also, the 160 pages strong book features award-winning projects in stunning double-page spreads, along with interviews with the designers allowing readers to discover more about their activities. The showcases include Paula Nerlich’s “Aqua Faba Foam”, a biomaterial made from the byproduct of chickpeas, Rania Elkalla’s “Shell Homage” material made from waste egg and nutshells, and Allan Gomes’ “Coolpaste” sustainable toothpaste packaging. The aesthetically illustrated book includes the story and mission of the BEYONDPLASTIC platform as well.

‘So long, plastic!’ can be ordered online at

Ulrich Krzyminski, founder of BEYONDPLASTIC and publisher of the book, said: “When we saw so many great ideas for a world with less plastic participating in the BEYONDPLASTIC Award, we knew immediately that we had to put them in print and show them to the world. And not just simple printing, but the finest high-quality of bookmaking, because we are print aficionados. We would like to thank all our contributors for their wonderful ideas that helped to make this book happen.”

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