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adobo-Tambuli Conference 2018: MYNT’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Manguera on humanizing data to deliver bigger and better value to customers

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TAGUIG CITY – For an increasing number of companies today, a major challenge is to identify the key customer messages from an ever-increasing complexity of multiple customer data sources and then look to develop these messages into an overall customer story. To address this, Chief Marketing Officer of MYNT Chris Manguera, talked about maximizing data and humanizing it to deliver valued services to the customers at the recent adobo-Tambuli Conference 2018 at the Marquis Events Place.

Technology has been a pivotal and successful enabler of financial inclusion. However, even with each technical evolution, sets of technical, cost, competition, capacity and access challenges persist. Manguera raised the question: “How can we take advantage of a technology or a device that each Filipino would most likely have and deliver better or more value in terms of services?” MYNT looks at the advantages, disadvantages and challenges that fasten on the existing and evolving technologies, bearer services, access platforms and user devices for mobile financial services to deliver services beyond the traditional needs.


As a FinTech startup, MYNT is currently partnered with Globe Telecom, the Ayala Corporation, and Ant Financial. Its five key services include payments, remittance, loans, business solutions and platforms. “Our core business model is providing services to the Filipinos,” Manguera said. “We believe that data helps us deliver better services to [Filipinos].”

For Manguera, humanizing data means getting the data from the customers and using that to deliver bigger and better value back to them. He then presented the three parts of humanizing data:

  1. Listening to Data

This is about data and external trends that may drive growth and scale. Moreover, this can also be about finding an existing platform where business men could potentially embed themselves to deliver their services.

  1. Contextualizing Data

Contextualization not only helps to comprehend the data in the best possible manner but it also helps in gathering and storing data in ordered groups and sequences.

Manguera discussed the relation of contextualizing data to GCash – an internationally acclaimed micropayment service, which transforms a mobile phone into a virtual wallet for safe, secure and hassle-free mobile-money transactions.  It can be used to buy prepaid load, pay bills, send money, make donations, shop online and even purchase goods without the need to bring any cash.

Recently, GCash partnered with Facebook Messenger as the platform for the payment app. GCash users will now be able to easily send and receive money, buy load, and pay bills with the push of a button, removing the need to travel to local stores, Bayad Centers or money transfer offices.

  1. Maximizing Data

This is “looking at different data points across the whole organization and seeing how we can provide ultimate value to customers” according to Manguera.

User expectations have changed drastically — in large part due to services that are driven by data, whether location, social graph, or utilizing information to give us contextual help and recommendations. We are a long, long way from a traditional linear interaction with a product or service. Journeys are now a collection of moments occurring across devices and platforms. Data gives us the chance to design across all of these experiences.

To conclude the session, “Humanizing data is driving value to humans,” Manguera said. “Let’s transform the data that we get and return it to them and multiply it in terms of value.”

Watch the full session here:

The adobo-Tambuli Conference 2018, held at the Marquis Events Place, was organized by adobo magazine and University of Asia and the Pacific and sponsored by Unilever, Dove, Grab for Business, and McDonald’s. Other partners also include PhotoMan, Red Chili 360 Marketing Inc., ANC, and BusinessMirror.

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