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Annalect secures first access to Meta’s Advanced Analytics for future-proof measurement solutions

SINGAPORE — , the data and analytics division of Omnicom Media Group, has entered into a partnership with Meta that will allow Annalect to utilize Advanced Analytics (AA), one of Meta’s privacy-focused measurement solutions, to provide Omnicom Media Group’s clients with future-proof, next-level measurement. Omnicom is the first holding company to have access to AA.

AA allows advertisers to combine their first-party data with Meta’s ads data, offering analysts the
flexibility to leverage bespoke insights to fine-tune their clients’ campaigns, resulting in more actionable
insights from closed-loop measurement systems, allowing advertisers to extract data such as audience overlap between brand and direct response campaigns. Annalect has drawn on this flexibility and actionability to build custom attribution models that contain similar parameters as typical attribution models (e.g., look back window and credit distribution rules).

The attribution models are fully integrated and delivered via Omni, the end-to-end marketing operating system that supports all Omnicom agencies, ensuring connectivity from measurement to planning and activation.


These actionable insights unlock a plethora of opportunities for activation teams, empowering them to carry out in-flight optimizations based on external measurement data. Additionally, scalability is simplified with a secure server-to-server connection. Omnicom Media Group’s clients stand to benefit from this progress in measurement capabilities, as Annalect continues to lead the way in the application of privacy-compliant clean room technology.

To date, 14 Omnicom clients across Australia have been onboarded to AA, including a range of leading global FMCG brands. Measurement has traditionally been a challenge for the category, so these advanced capabilities offer a great opportunity for insight. In a trial for closed-loop measurement capability, one global brand saw attributed conversions increase by four times across more than 15 touchpoints.

Following the Australia launch, Annalect and Meta expect to expand the collaboration to other markets across the Asia Pacific region.

Paul Shepherd, President of Annalect, Omnicom Media Group Asia Pacific, said, “By enabling next-level visibility in a privacy-safe manner, this collaboration allows our clients to connect data more effectively. It gives them, and our agencies, a significant edge over their competitors in today’s future-facing environment.”

“It’s great to see measurement capabilities that create value for advertisers, whilst also being built with privacy at the forefront. This offering will unlock new ways for the OMG network to understand the levers that truly drive performance and demonstrate where Meta can help to drive growth that lasts for our clients and partners,” added Carl McLean, Head of Marketing Science at Meta ANZ.

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