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Brand & Business: Admix powering augmented reality in-play ads in Reality Clash game

LONDON, UK – Reality Gaming Group, the publisher of mobile games and digital collectibles, has teamed up with Admix, the pioneering In-Play advertising platform that bridges the gap between mobile games and brands, to launch In-Play ads in their AR mobile combat game Reality Clash. Reality Gaming Group’s award-winning iOS & Android mobile game Reality Clash now features seamlessly integrated In-Play ads, blended with high performance mobile AR combat.

Admix’ proprietary rendering technology has the ability to digitally inject any digital advertising creative into any 3D world with zero impact on gameplay performance. The IAS verified Admix In-Play solution empowers brands and advertisers to programmatically target highly engaged audiences across billions of hours of gameplay, which now extends to high performance AR mobile gaming worlds, such as those in Reality Clash.

Reality Clash features stunningly realised AR game worlds which now render highly detailed, non-interruptive ad creatives, paying homage to classic cyberpunk movies such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. Reality Clash AR In-Play ads are an effective showcase for advertisers looking to reach extremely engaged audiences at scale.


Tony Pearce, Co-Founder at Reality Gaming Group, commented: “We’re absolutely thrilled to integrate In-Play ad placements with Admix. When players explore AR battlefields in Reality Clash, it’s like they’re in a scene from Ridley Scott’s classic Blade Runner. The game’s immersive AR gameplay is perfectly suited for this new form of In-Play engagement, and we’re looking forward to the exciting experiences we’ll be able to create for our global community of loyal Reality Clash players. The beauty of In-Play protects players’ right to play and nurtures trust between publishers and their audiences, showcasing advertisers’ carefully crafted brands, without any game performance lag whatsoever.”

Samuel Huber, Admix CEO and Co-Founder, commented: “Admix is thrilled to be the In-Play partner for Reality Gaming Group’s Reality Clash mobile game. Our proprietary rendering technology has been engineered from the ground up, to insert demanding ad creatives into any 3D environment, such as the incredible AR game worlds present in Reality Clash, which provide the perfect vehicle to showcase In-Play in extended reality environments.”

Admix enables the rapid no-code monetisation of any mobile gaming content through a simple SDK, giving developers and publishers instant access to the largest In-Play ad inventory, combined with rich user-level data and in-depth measurement. Admix is driving the ‘In-Play’ movement by integrating data-driven ads and product placement into immersive gameplay experiences such as AR.

Reality Clash has won several awards, including Best AR/VR Game at the CGC Awards and the Best Blockchain in Mobile category at the Meffys.

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