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Brand & Business: DAN Consult & MMA’s Modern Marketing Confluence presents the MarTech Series in partnership with Google

MUMBAI, INDIA – The series hosted 18+ Industry leaders representing sectors such as BFSI, Retail, Consumer Goods, FMCG, Apparels, Born Digitals and more. 500+ audience were engaged through live discussion, debate, deliberation, and polling on key MarTech trends which have gained popularity and importance through the pandemic. The sessions were launched by industry experts providing a macro view and perspective with Sapna Chadha, Sr. Director Marketing for Google India & SEA in session 1 and led by Vikas Purohit, CEO, Tata Cliq and Vivek Bhargava, CEO, DAN Performance Group, as keynote presenters in session 2 & 3 who brought much needed attention to how first-party data is marketers gold, the new approach to personalisation with N=1 concept, marrying D2C strategy with digitisation, and reimagining marketing strategies with technology and machine learning along with implications of cloud marketing.

Lalit Bhagia, CEO, DAN Consult

Audience sentiments captured through live polls threw light on importance of first-party data with an average 25% in acceptance that 79% Indian brands feel first-party data is crucial to their marketing efforts. The first discussion was joined by Rajnish Kumar, Head of Digital Strategy, ITC, Sagar Boke, Marketing & Business Leader, Tata Consumer Products, Prabhvir Sahmey, Head of Media Platforms & Solutions, Google, and Lalit Bhagia, CEO, DAN Consult. It further focused on the importance of openness and adherence to privacy policies whilst collecting data, attribution of digital & data to actual sales and inclusion of the rural segments. Additionally, it also covered an in-depth study of consumer engagement and retention techniques through strategic data segmentation & analytics.

Lalit Bhagia, CEO, DAN Consult said, “Change isn’t coming; it’s here. COVID-19 has brought it at breakneck speed, when we leave our houses in the near future, consumerism won’t look the same. New behaviours are being formed which will become permanent and this is redefining how businesses sell, service, engage, market, and retain their customers. The standards of customer engagement have shifted yet again, and marketers need to be at the forefront of this innovation. At DAN Consult, we are committed to partner with CEOs and CMOs in this transitional journey. As a business, DAN Consult has been working on the forefront of this marketing transformation and the MMC series is our endeavour to showcase & drive thought leadership in this ever-evolving space.”


Part 1: Responsible Marketing With First-Party Data

Webinar details, part 1:

Part 2: D2C Strategy & Data Strategy

Webinar details, part 2:

Part 3: Cloud For Marketing


Webinar details, part 3:

Continuing the theme, the second part of the series focused on D2C strategy bringing spotlight on importance of data and new digitally focused business models the pandemic has accelerated life into. It saw highest participation from brand/advertisers in the audience who engaged with the session chair Manik Nangia, COO-Financial Services, Bharti AXA and the other panellists; Megha Thareja Tyagi, Group Head-Retail & Government, Google India, Zaved Akhtar, VP-Digital Transformation & Growth, Unilever, Prasad Kaushik, GM-Consumer Marketing, Ford, and Harish Narayanan, Head of Marketing, Myntra. The panel attracted participation from the audience on the relevancy of data in direct to consumer strategy, role & responsibilities of a brand to help consumers in digital transformation, the importance of collection & comprehension of consumer data in the rural market, using relevant data to enrich consumer awareness & hyperlocal behaviour, and responsibility of a brand to ensure right data reaches the consumers.

Moneka Khurana, Country Head, MMA India

Moneka Khurana, Country Head, MMA India added, “The series couldn’t be better timed given the new normal we are all living in. It is the era of modern marketing. The Marketer is upskilling to adopt modern marketing techniques as organisations dabble with first party data strategy, D2C and cloud for marketing as must haves for marketing plans to succeed. It is imperative for a marketer to be equipped as he leads digital transformation from the front. Hence its important MMA enables the expertise and learnings required to shape the future of modern marketing.”

The abundance of data collected requires strong technological backing to be easily stored and be accessible remotely, be utilised to the fullest to deliver the desired results and maintain the privacy requirements. Kamolika Peres, Director – Google Cloud gave a special keynote on the benefits of integrating multiple sources of customer and marketing data together to generate insights and improve customer experiences as well as leverage data and technology to make better decisions, customer journey analysis and, ultimately, higher growth. The panel consisted of Achint Setia, VP-Marketing, Myntra, Deepak Oram, Head of MarTech & Automation, HDFC Bank, Rajesh Shewani, Customer Engineer Manager, Google Cloud, moderated by Kartik L Jain, Executive Director, DBS Bank. The panel shared many use cases on how cloud has enabled creation of a common customer view, eased out the usage of ‘Big’ data to drive customer engagement and retention. A deep dive into the BFSI sector and usage of cloud had the participants share POVs on security of customer data, the trade-offs between the flexibility of cloud vs the security of an on-premise deployment and how can different sectors work around this to deliver a consistent, omni-channel customer experience.

The Modern Marketing Confluence will continue to host its upcoming sessions with industry leaders and movers representing key sectors such as Retail & Consumer Goods, BFSI & Insurance, Communication, Media & Technology, Born Digital organisations, Automotive and Discreet Industries focusing on the implementations and implications of MarTech and importance of marrying MarTech and AdTech – MadTech.

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