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Brand & Business: Discover APAC Unveils Asian Food Network, A Multi-platform Evolution of the Asian Food Channel

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Discovery Asia Pacific today unveils Asian Food Network (AFN), an evolution of the Asian Food Channel, the #1 English Lifestyle channel in Southeast Asia. The linear channel and digital destination have been re-imagined as AFN, embracing a digital-first approach curated for its growing four million+ mobile-first community. AFN promises a seamless digital and linear experience that offers entertainment, utility and community for all Asian food lovers. provides a trove of tested recipes, cooking tips, stories on Asian food cultures and a growing set of features that will power their passion for food and cooking.

The community can look forward to engaging with well-loved ambassadors from Southeast Asiasuch as Singapore’s Sarah Huang Benjamin, Malaysia’s Ili Soulaiman and Sherson Lian, and the Philippines’ Anton Amoncio as well as Chef Ngo Than Hoa from Vietnam, RinRin Marinka, Yuda Bustara and Janti Brasali from Indonesia. AFN will also feature favourite chefs and personalities from Northern Asia like Debbie Wong from Hong Kong and Frank Striegl, the well-known ramen expert of Japan.

Online content will focus on the latest dining trends and conversations, led by an exciting roster of food trend hunters including Matthias Rhoads from the Philippines, Joyce Ng and Magdalene Chow from Singapore, ensuring that foodies stay ahead of what the Asian food world has to offer. Singapore’s Charlotte Mei is Asian Food Network’s resident nutritionist.


Rohit Tharani, Head of Products, Southeast Asia in Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “In Asia, food is our way of expressing love and caring for the people that matter. Nothing beats a good bonding session over a meal together with loved ones. The new AFN strives to make Asian food accessible for everyone: it is the ultimate destination for food inspiration, from recipes ofgrandma’s traditional dishes to trending favourites, and even the ability to mingle with fellow food lovers. We are excited to make mealtimes easier, so our community can focus on the conversations that matter.”

Building the largest Asian food community online
AFN is passionate about growing and engaging in conversations with the largest Asian food community, providing the latest foodie-tips through consistent engagement activities online. The new destination ensures ease in joining the AFN community, where it is simple for users to register an account, bookmark favourite content pieces, get nutritional information and participate in food conversations through comments. Asian food lovers can also look forward to exciting bite-sized content and new partnerships with like-minded brands in the months to come.

Expanding beyond its traditional audience, AFN will be partnering with Viu, a leading pan-regional OTT video service from PCCW Media Group with more than 36 million monthly active users (MAU), to provide free access to AFN content to Viu-ers.

Going beyond the kitchen into Asian cultures
Bringing more than just good food to the table, AFN will uncover the world beyond kitchens all across Asia, through topical and seasonal stories. The community will also get a taste of the history behind various dishes, discovering how food is an expression of cultural identity, passed down from one generation to the next.

For example, in Indonesia, AFN is partnering with GoFood, Gojek’s leading food delivery servicein Southeast Asia, to create a series highlighting the inspiring stories of Indonesian food merchants. This series, as well as other curated new food content, will be featured as recommendations on both the Gojek super-app and blog and AFN’s website.

For more information on AFN and its offerings, please refer to the website and its social pages here:
Asian Food Network on Instagram
Asian Food Network on Facebook
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About Asian Food Network

The Asian Food Network (AFN) is an evolution of the formerly known Asian Food Channel (AFC), built on a community of Asian food lovers. Based in Singapore, AFN’s wide Asian distributionfootprint will now cover twelve territories on both digital platforms and pay TV across Asia. The community can look forward to free and accessible content on where they can engage in conversations around the latest food trends.

Bringing more than just good food to the table, AFN will uncover the world beyond kitchens all across Asia, through topical and seasonal stories. The community can also look forward to conversations on the latest food trends, served fresh on digital platforms. AFN is an ecosystem for everyone passionate about Asian food, promising a seamless experience from inspiration to the kitchen. AFN will be able to execute 360 degree advertising and marketing campaigns and solutions for leading brands.

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