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Brand & Business: DoubleVerify awarded three privacy certification seals from TrustArc, demonstrating its commitment to data privacy globally

SINGAPORE — DoubleVerify (“DV”), (NYSE: DV), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, today announced it has achieved certifications for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) and Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP), as well as TrustArc’s International Privacy Verification (IPV), via the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform.

TrustArc certifications are managed by TRUSTe LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TrustArc that delivers privacy assurance programs. APEC CBPR and PRP certifications are recognised by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for overseas transfers of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The APEC CBPR System was developed by APEC economies to build consumer, business, and regulator trust in cross-border flows of personal data.

The APEC CBPR System requires participating businesses to implement data privacy policies consistent with the APEC Privacy Framework and helps to bridge differing national privacy laws within the APEC region, reducing barriers to the flow of information for global trade.


The APEC CBPR and PRP certifications validate DV’s adherence to the APEC Privacy Framework, of which 21 APEC economies have endorsed in a bid to promote accountable and responsible transfers of personal information between APEC economies. The APEC CBPR certification from TrustArc confirms compliance for “data controllers,” while PRP certification verifies compliance for “data processors.” As a component of DV’s certifications, TrustArc will also provide the company with independent and ongoing monitoring and guidance to ensure privacy governance and compliance.

“With APEC CBPR and PRP being the most stringent and trusted voluntary privacy frameworks in the APAC region, achieving the certifications reinforces the maturity of the DoubleVerify privacy program and our commitment to ensure privacy is top of mind in creating our solutions,” said Jordan Khoo, Managing Director, APAC, DoubleVerify.

In addition, the TrustArc’s IPV certification ensures DV’s protection mechanisms for transatlantic exchanges of data are aligned with global regulatory requirements. TrustArc’s certifications demonstrate DV’s commitment to data privacy and its leadership in the industry as it is the only digital ad verification provider to achieve the APEC CBPR and PRP certifications.

DV’s technology does not leverage cookies and does not create profiles or audiences while measuring each ad impression individually without tracking user activity over time. DV is also compliant with relevant and applicable privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

“DoubleVerify is a true leader in the advertising measurement category, building a mature governance program and policies that demonstrate our dedication to privacy,” said Beatrice Botti, VP Global Data & Privacy Officer, DoubleVerify. “To that end, we are proud to have our policies and practices recognised by TrustArc and validated against such independent and rigorous standards. These certifications serve as a testament to our global efforts around privacy, transparency, and accountability.”

To achieve each certification, DV worked with TrustArc to enable an independent review and verification that its data privacy management practices comply with standards aligned with the TrustArc Privacy & Data Governance Framework. The earned certifications, based on comprehensive sets of requirements, follow a three-phase process using a combination of experienced privacy analysts, proven assessment methodology, and the TrustArc Privacy Platform.

  • Phase I included a comprehensive review of DV’s privacy practices against TRUSTe privacy standards and the creation of a detailed privacy findings report.
  • Phase II included a review of TrustArc’s findings, with DV implementing recommendations and documenting actions taken.
  • Phase III included certification activation – issuing DV the TRUSTe Seal, providing dispute resolution services, if necessary, and providing access to TrustArc Assessment Manager to support ongoing privacy compliance.

“We believe that a strong privacy management program is critical for companies to build customer trust and ensure privacy compliance. By achieving these certifications, DoubleVerify is demonstrating its dedication to meeting high privacy standards,” said Chris Babe, CEO, TrustArc.

Botti added, “TrustArc is a leader in auditing and certifications for privacy compliance and data protection, and we are pleased to have our practices and policies recognised by them.”

In addition to its industry-leading privacy compliance program, DV has made information security and data protection a strategic priority. The company has implemented multi-layered organisational, technical, and administrative measures that are continuously advanced and invested in proactively. DV’s mature information security and data privacy programs include a dedicated team of cybersecurity and privacy experts, with access to industry-leading tools, facilities, and executive leadership support. DV continuously monitors the evolution of the privacy and security landscape to ensure it remains a leader in the industry.

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