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Brand & Business: Proud to be Kapuso — GMA Network Service Awardees share thoughts on the company they choose to be part of

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — It is no secret that behind every company’s success is a group of dedicated people who share the same passion and goals.

Spanning 71 colorful years in the broadcast industry, GMA Network is well aware of this fact. Its proven track record of providing topnotch news and entertainment to Filipinos here and abroad speaks volumes about its stability as a company. In turn, the country’s leading broadcast company celebrates and recognizes the loyalty of its employees via the “GMA Network Service Awards.”

During the Network’s annual General Assembly held virtually last June, over 400 employees were named Service Awardees for their tenure, dedication, and hard work, and were awarded certificates of recognition and cash tokens.


Growing with the company that values you

For many Kapuso employees, having the chance to be part of GMA Network is not just a dream come true but also a great opportunity that enables them to touch other people’s lives and make a difference.

“I will always be grateful to GMA when it took a gamble on a fresh graduate like me more than a decade ago. I have immensely grown as a person, and I look forward to more adventures and learnings as I continue living this dream,” shared 10-year service awardee Victoria Camille Tulad-Rosales, Senior News Correspondent from GMA News and Public Affairs.

Being part of the Network’s regional arm GMA Regional TV has also allowed five-year service awardee Justine Jomento to discover her potential. “I’m grateful for the opportunity that GMA Regional TV has given me for the past 5 years to work with the best team. I appreciate the trust and guidance of my bosses. They brought a huge impact to my professional growth which motivates me to work better,” said the Events and Promo Specialist from GMA Regional TV Iloilo. “I am forever grateful for the endless opportunities to learn through my job.”

Victoria’s and Justine’s are just two of the many Kapuso stories of individuals who started as novices in the industry but have now evolved into career professionals.

Just as they are driven by their passion for excellence, the Kapuso Network enables its people to achieve their full potential through trainings and workshops, equal opportunities for career advancement, and conducting performance evaluations regularly – a culture that encourages everyone to continuously learn and grow.

“Being a Kapuso is a privilege and an honor,” said Post Production Department’s Video Editing Section Senior Manager Ricky Paras. “A privilege because I get to be part of the best network in the country and it is an honor because what I do contributes to what makes GMA number one,” added Paras who is one of this year’s 25-year service awardees.

Paras also said that the learning process for all employees should not stop. “I am grateful to GMA for providing every employee a chance to learn whether through traditional or progressive means. Even after 25 years of service, I still learn new things every day.”

Only the best for its best assets

Kapuso employees who have been with the company over the years agree that GMA Network continues to encourage them to be at their best—from their professional growth to their overall well-being. And to achieve this, the Kapuso Network gives its people a comprehensive set of benefits that are beyond what is required by law.

Amerigo L. Santos, Engineering Group’s Senior Assistant Vice President and Head of Broadcast Engineering Services Division and Engineering Administration Section, who has been with the Network for three decades, shared, “Being around passionate and dedicated colleagues and bosses keeps me inspired and motivated to do my best. And in return, I also get to enjoy the fruits of my labor along with my family as GMA knows how to take good care of its people. For many years, I have witnessed the generosity of the Network to its employees and I could not have chosen a better company than GMA,” Santos emphasized.

15-year service awardee Thomas John “TJ” L. Pusong, Senior Administrative Specialist from News and Public Affairs, added “I’m really grateful for GMA. The employees get to enjoy additional benefits such as HMO, optical benefits, monthly rice subsidy, and of course, the highly anticipated bonuses. Ang sarap magmahal ng Kapuso!”

While GMA continues to provide tangible proof of the value it places on its best assets, the Network also knows the equal importance of everyone’s health and having a safe and healthy working environment in order to bring out each employee’s full potential.

Receiving genuine care during these trying times gave 20-year service awardee Gemma Lee A. Namit more reasons to appreciate working with GMA. It was in 2001 when the Records Specialist at the ICT Department’s Central Library and Archives Management joined the Network.

“In my two decades as a Kapuso, I would say that this pandemic gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘care.’ GMA made sure to cover all bases – from sanitization of work areas to flexible work arrangements, from medicine allowance including vitamins to vaccines, and so much more,” she shared.

In the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, GMA made sure to protect its workforce. At the height of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, the Network provided PPEs, meals, and transportation assistance to its employees who needed to report to work. COVID-19 tests were also made available as needed. GMA also implemented flexible work arrangements and provisions to enable working from home, hazard pays and cash advances, as well as continued comprehensive health coverage, which extends to medicine allowances (including vitamins during this pandemic) for employees and their respective families.

Taking part in helping the country achieve herd immunity, GMA Network kicked off the inoculation drive for its workforce where it provided employees free Moderna vaccines. This voluntary offering enables them to continue providing ‘Serbisyong Totoo’ while being protected against COVID-19. The first batch, which began recently, was administered per priority category.

Last but definitely not the least, proudly wearing the Kapuso badge is no less than Atty. Felipe L. Gozon who has been serving as the company’s Chairman and CEO for 20 years now.

“GMA was blessed by the Lord because not only did we remain standing, but we remained strong and thriving. I personally witnessed the triumphant story of GMA as it became number one in all indicators – ratings, revenues, and reach. This was, of course, made possible through the joint efforts of every Kapuso for their dedication and hard work. I thank and congratulate the service awardees from five years to thirty years. On behalf of the management, I assure our loyal Kapuso that we will continue to give only the best for our people as they truly are our best assets.”

For the latest updates about GMA Network, visit www.gmanetwork.com.

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