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Brand & Business: TFC continues streak in June and July, remains the leader in Comscore’s TV viewing engagement in multicultural Asian households

SAN FRANCISCO, US — The summer months of June and July 2021 proved to be sizzling for TFC as it continued its dominance in viewership in multicultural Asian households in the U.S. This was shared by Comscore, a leading and trusted source for television viewing data.

Since leading Filipino media and entertainment network ABS-CBN tapped Comscore this year for data-based national TV measurement in the U.S., TFC, ABS-CBN’s global flagship channel, has consistently been shown by monthly Comscore reports as the preferred Filipino channel among subscribers.

Based on the June and July 2021 TV viewing engagement of Comscore:

  • TFC reached the most households among Asian networks with nearly 200,000 households, followed by Sony Entertainment TV Asia (Southeast Asian) and GMA Pinoy (Filipino);
  • TFC got the most number of viewing hours in June and July in multicultural Asian households. In July, TFC’s viewing hours per household was 38 percent higher than the next most watched Asian network. TFC logged in 58 hours of viewing per household compared to 42 hours of viewing per household for GMA Pinoy TV in the same month;
  • In June, 18 of the Top 20 shows were from TFC, while in July, 19 of the Top 20 shows were from TFC with only one show from GMA Pinoy coming in at no. 17;
  • TFC was the preferred channel among Filipino subscribers, being seen in 193,000 households as compared to GMA Pinoy TV’s 159,000 households in July;
  • For June and July, data also showed that more viewers were tuned in to TFC than GMA Pinoy TV during the critical day parts on weekdays and weekends.

“We are delighted by what Comscore data are revealing about TFC compared to other channels in the same category,” said ABS-CBN North America Managing Director Jun Del Rosario. “What is more interesting is that the viewing data in the U.S. as shown by Comscore mirrors those in Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific based on viewing metrics of our digital platforms. This means, for example, that ‘Ang Probinsiyano’ is a top 10 program whether on cable, satellite, and digital platforms like iWant in North America, EMEA, and APAC. This says much about the wide appeal of TFC’s shows to different Filipino markets around the world.”

ABS-CBN TFC partnered with Comscore earlier this year with the goal of getting industry and market insights on content performance, audience behavior, and preferences based on national TV audience measurement in the U.S.

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