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Brazilian Tiago “Tito” Ribeiro points out trends in social media for 2016

Tiago “Tito” Ribeiro is one of the main global references in the sector of social networks and digital innovation. He has been with Pong Dynasty (part of Flag. The Creative Disruption Network), was founder and chairman of Agencybrazil, a digital agency based in São Paulo. He has worked in several agencies within Publicis Groupe, SapientNitro, and served as Chief Culture Officer at He has extensive experience in the area of social media and he now points out seven major trends for the digital market.


1. Creative Data


The Cannes Lions recently launched a unique category for this theme; working with more mathematical areas, or until engineering becomes less complicated. Projects such as these will steal the scene when the subject is social media in the next year. Creative data is nothing more than the creation of projects and technology that uses databases to build more complex systems and more interconnected and innovative campaigns. The time has come for engineers to work alongside community managers.


2. Actionable Insights

Raise creation with relevant references in order to build a strategy really relevant to the customer business also becomes a function of the social media agency’s team. The data collected through deep analysis of those established within the digital scope become powerful insights along with the analytical capacity to map and avail of consumer’s emotions that can and should direct advertising investment.


3. Social mobile

Moving devices’ evolution to the arrival of wearable items together with a global Internet connectivity improvement, mobile is here to stay and will likely become the most important channel of its brand, i.e. the first screen is already the mobile.


4. Niche Platforms

The era of large partner platforms lives on borrowed time as increasingly small networks appear and earn the audience of thousands of people with the same objectives. This promises to win the confidence of companies that have already seen that niche platforms are a great opportunity to get closer to a specific public this year. In turn, many users are leaving the great and known quintessential social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


5. Branded Content

A good content platform allied with a strategy that has consistent brand ambassadors and digital PR does wonders for any business. But everything will really depend on the quality of the content produced by the brand, production of useful or fun content, and connection with your identity proposal. These must be adapted for a completely different language from traditional means.


6. Segmented Campaigns

Segmenting your audience will guide the generation of increasingly effective content for it. The great challenge is realizing that, most of the time, your public have tastes very different from yours and that becomes completely unnoticed by your public. The segmentation is a primary factor for success and goes far beyond a media plan. It is about having four or five completely different campaigns at the same time interconnected by a higher concept, but with different exclusion.


7. Inbound Marketing

Throughout the years, the market has evolved and more mature enterprises have understood the powerlessness of lead entertainment through their digital channels. The well-known attraction marketing gains strength to ally to concepts such as Meaningful Marketing, which ensures the importance of building a relationship with the consumer and not simply getting leads. This will mark a great change in brand behavior.

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