MANILA – What do you think when you see or hear “X?” Is it just a letter in the alphabet, a Roman numeral, the spot where the gold is in a treasure map, or simply the unknown such as in a mathematical (algebraic) equation?

But what if “X” also means lots of possibilities on how you will use it? In this day and age of digital marketing, for example, “X” can mean as a way of amplifying a brand in the digital age. Now it’s up to you on how you will find and define your “X.”

Donald Lim, the Chief Digital Officer of ABS-CBN, credited for founding digital marketing in the Philippines and co-founder of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines or IMMAP, the premier digital marketing organization in the country, said that while digital marketing is often challenging, rewarding and fun to begin with, it is also misunderstood.

In a Brand Manifesto he formulated, Lim said while digital marketing is often seen as the “Messiah” or a brand’s “Savior” to create a successful brand in today’s digital space, it can also be misused. That is why he created the manifesto to help establish order among the digital marketing community and ultimately help brands find their correct space in the digital world by unlocking their own “X.”

“It’s not just for the sake of being known to be ‘digital’ that’s why brands are going to it. It has to be done correctly to provide relevance and for your brand to be heard of in this wild and wooly digital space. Strategic thinking, foresight, patience and understanding are, I believe, key things that brands should understand if they are to go ‘digital,’” Lim said.

For the upcoming “IMMAP DigiCon, The Power of X: Digital Multiplied,” this Brand Manifesto takes centerstage along with an impressive lineup of speakers, all known influencers and think-tanks in the digital marketing world who will talk about various topics in a total of 10 tracks that aim to address this crucial question: “how can they find their ‘X?’” Surely, brands from various industries and Filipino digital marketing professionals themselves can learn and look up to these speakers in order to raise their awareness, understanding and skills level in the world of digital marketing.

The topics for the 10 tracks include “Branding and Marketing,” “Content and Distribution,” “Start-ups,” “The Digital Creative,” “Social and Search,” “eCommerce and Payments,” “The Digital Agency,” “CRM, Data and Analytics,” “Research and Measurement,” and “Media and Ad Networks.”

During IMMAP DigiCon, there will be five keynote presentations and also lengthened discussions among the most prominent and powerful digital authorities and also companies who have benefited from going “digital.” With the likes of Steve Kalifowitz of Twitter, Sunita Kaur of Spotify, Eleanne Hattis from Waze SEA, Sandhia Devanathan, head of Facebook Ecommerce, financial services for SEA, in attendance, all the more that digital marketing practitioners and clients should pursue going to this one-of-a-kind digital congress, the first in the country.

The first “IMMAP Digital Congress, The Power of X: Digital Multiplied,” will be held on October 10-12, 2016 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Vicente Sotto Street, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Pasay City. For more information, go to or sign up now at