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Digital: BBH Singapore turns office into pixels for virtual open house

SINGAPORE — The year is 2021. We’ve spent enough time speaking to people on our screens and less time speaking to them in person. Interactions have moved onto platforms like Zoom – meetings, classes, award shows, and even job interviews.

So for the Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore (AAMs) Career Fair this year, BBH Singapore decided it wasn’t going to succumb to the same-old Zoom style interviews. Instead, they invited students to experience what it’s like to work at BBH, by being in their office. All from the comfort (and safety) of their homes.



The 1,050 sqm office was replicated brick by brick as a virtual space in the style of a computer game on video-calling platform, Gather, complete with the pool table entrance, all seven meeting rooms, 125 desks, the pantry, restrooms and the famous ‘red library room’.

Students joined two open house sessions where they met with employees around the office to learn about what it is like working at BBH Singapore, discovered work saved on computers in the meeting rooms, shared their resumes and portfolios and were even sent to chase hidden easter eggs.

Commenting on the initiative, Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer, BBH Singapore, said, “WFH has turned our lives into an endless queue of zoom calls. The spontaneity of bumping into people and having a chat with someone we didn’t think about 2 minutes prior is lost. Virtual BBH allows graduates to bump into many of our people to really get a sense of who we are. It’s like a party that’s an open house that’s a career fair. Simple really.”
Kylyn Tan, a Design and Communication student said, “It was truly a refreshing and creative experience! Welcomed by the black sheep themselves who were stationed at different areas of the virtual office, I got to meet and speak with the team behind all the award-winning work. I definitely had lots of fun mingling with them and exploring the office space.”

Virtual BBH is now closed to the public.

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