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Digital: Empowering people to unite for Leni Robredo on social media

MANILA, PHILIPPINES If you’re wondering how to participate and meet like-minded citizens to campaign for Leni Robredo for President in 2022, here’s a platform you can join and promote in your digital community. #Kami Si Leni is a volunteer campaign that aims for unity in diversity by offering organizations, communities, groups (‘barkadas’) and families a common creative format on social media. 

The #Kami Si Leni website offers free and downloadable tools to invite people to harness the power of social media and express themselves to bring about change with positive messages. People can easily download the professionally-designed materials, including Facebook post templates, Facebook Profile Pic Ring Frame Template, Facebook Post Creator PowerPoint File and the Campaign Logo. Users can add their own name, photo and a one-liner that features an ideal or value that their family or group holds strongly. They can post these on their social media with the common hashtag #KamiSiLeni and the invitation hashtag #TayoNaKayLeni, the call-to-action that will gain momentum in 2022. 

#Kami Si Leni is a people-focused, inclusive and global creative initiative which aims to put a spotlight on the diverse values and ideals of people from all walks of life,” says Bingo Soriano, spokesperson for the volunteer team behind #Kami Si Leni. “The campaign is more than just about Leni and the values she embodies — it aims to communicate our collective hopes and voices in an act of solidarity,” he continues.


With the official support of the entire 1SAMBAYAN coalition, composed of 120 member organizations and 80 chapters worldwide, #Kami Si Leni campaign is launching today. “We encourage different coalitions, organizations, communities, groups, families and couples to join the #Kami Si Leni campaign so we can show that we can be united as one in support of good governance and for a better Philippines through the leadership of Leni Robredo,” says Retired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice and 1SAMBAYAN Lead Convenor Antonio T. Carpio in a video message launching the coalition’s support for the campaign.

The #KamiSiLeni campaign is not meant to replace existing campaigns, but rather, serve as a parallel campaign that links the many campaign efforts with others. The campaign recognizes that various groups have their own campaign slogans, hashtags and designs as their way of supporting Leni. In four easy steps which can be done in less than ten minutes, let’s be united with this global campaign!

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