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Digital: Globe and Yahoo empower Filipinos to do more on the go

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Globe and Yahoo officially announced their partnership for the inclusion of Yahoo Mail into Globe Prepaid’s GoWORK10 GoBOOSTER pack, alongside five productivity and messaging apps for an efficient, productive workday while on the move. As a highly connected population, it’s no secret that Filipinos lead on the internet and social media usage with 96.7% going online via prepaid plans on their mobile devices. Work is among the top reasons for this, as remote working becomes the norm and more jobs require access on the go.

“We aim to support the varied and evolving digital passions of our customers. That said, we harness partnerships, such as our relationship with Yahoo, that are relevant to the youth and empower them with tools for productivity — giving them the extra boost they need to pursue their passions and fulfill their responsibilities. These tools help them cope as they thrive in the new normal.” said KD Dizon, Globe’s Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business.

Yahoo Mail users in the Philippines can now access services on the Yahoo Mail app using a daily 1GB data allocation on Globe Prepaid’s GoWORK10 GoBOOSTER pack for ₱10 a day, with any active Go registration. Yahoo Mail users will have access to five other productivity and messaging apps, such as Zoom and Viber, as part of the Globe Prepaid’s GoWORK10 GoBOOSTER pack. This will enable users to stay on top of their emails and access the information they need online anytime, anywhere, directly from their mobile phones.


All Yahoo Mail users will also have quicker, easier access to their Globe account on both mobile and desktop to manage their Globe services. Using their Yahoo Mail credentials, users can monitor their data usage, pay bills, and subscribe to promotions with a single login.

This partnership amplifies the benefits of Yahoo Mail, a multi-purpose inbox designed to help people organize their digital life. With an incomparable 1TB free storage limit, Yahoo Mail serves as a digital repository, with innovative functions for organizing and decluttering, and valuable in-app services. Yahoo Mail on Globe Prepaid’s GoWORK10 provides users with a host of innovative and notable features.

  • Stay informed and connected to the world: More than just emails, receive the latest updates on news, happenings and the weather, customized to users’ individualized interests, via the ‘Today’ tab, an exciting one-stop function within the Yahoo Mail app that can be accessed using Globe Prepaid’s GoWORK10 1GB data allocation.
  • Unparalleled storage: 1TB of free email storage that can hold approximately 6.5 million document pages in the form of Word or PDF files, 250,000 hi-resolution photos or 500 hours of hi-definition (HD) videos.
    Photos and files in one place: An innovative ‘View’ function that allows easy sorting, organizing, access, and navigation of all mail attachments, including important files, documents that can be grouped according to formats such as word, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF, photos, videos and even audio; all the information users need, close at hand.
  • Industry-leading management of email subscriptions: With a dedicated tab for subscriptions, users can browse the emails they are subscribed to and unsubscribe from any newsletter with a single tap without leaving the app.
  • Deeper customization: Tailor push notifications to highlight the types of emails users wish to be alerted to (personal vs promotional). Users can also personalize their inbox with color themes and sounds, and select stationery from over 50 templates to bring emails to life.
  • One-stop management: Users can log in with other email accounts like Gmail and Outlook and still take advantage of Yahoo Mail’s features, making it a multi-purpose inbox designed to help organize people’s lives in the way they need.

“We are proud to deliver an experience with enhanced value and utility through our partnership with Globe, a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. By empowering Yahoo Mail users to do more and be more productive, we are amplifying what matters most to Filipinos, helping them discover things that speak to their passions,” said Zen Leow, Consumer Marketing Lead, Yahoo Southeast Asia.

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