Digital: Meet the brawns (brains) and beauty of Kumu’s “Be a Brand Ambassador” contest


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – KUMU is a growing social media platform with a thriving KUMUnity of live-streaming users. In an effort to encourage users into developing as livestreamers, KUMU offers campaigns (special contests and activities) for the KUMUnity to participate in monthly, to celebrate their talents and passions. The previous campaigns had great prizes like gifted electric scooters and billboard modeling opportunities. We’re excited to present the opportunities of the winners of this last contest!

Be a Brand Ambassador

KUMU announced the run to become a Brand Ambassador last April 2020. With a four-tier reward system, each Brand Ambassador will gain an assortment of prizes from live streaming equipment to modeling on billboards, and so much more. The winners will also receive their very own KUMU Blue Check which verifies them as a Brand Ambassador in the KUMUnity, and a special public speaking lesson with Issa Litton, an iconic Filipino actress and assistant director.

So who are these lucky winners, and what exactly did they win?



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“For me, the winning livestream was on the campaign’s last day.” Says the tier-3 winner, Daveybaby. “I felt all the love and support from everyone, even those who I never expected to support me. I was crying the whole time!” The new Brand Ambassador expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the encouragement of his audience.

Starting out as a hobby, Dave Guanzon——a.k.a. daveybaby——discovered game show hosting as a newfound passion. More fire to add to his profession as a content writer, and something that connected him to more people. “It taught me that people will love you by showing your genuine self,” says the brand new Brand Ambassador. Having won the Care-To-Share campaign and Gadgets Galore contest previously, daveybaby is continuously excited about participating actively in the KUMUnity.


Joey Boy Colo, who goes by the username ivoycolo in KUMU, discovered KUMU by first experiencing a livestream on a fellow social media platform, Instagram. An audience member tells him to try out KUMU, and henceforth starts his journey as a live-streamer in the KUMUnity. “The rest is what they say, history,” ivoycolo says.

KUMU’s new brand ambassador was quite excited for his new responsibilities. “I was so excited about the hosting opportunities, brand executions and having to see my face on a billboard with my co-winners,” he goes to say. “But perhaps what I was most excited about was to finally meet the new friends I made as I went through this journey.”


For the grand prize, KUMU is excited to present the first tier Brand Ambassador——HUBient, represented by Keren Serrano. HUBient is a united group of performers who share their talents on various forms of social media.

HUBient’s winning livestream was their Concert with HUBient Artists, that featured their different performers who shared their talents on KUMU’s stage. Keren Serrano tells us that the campaign allowed their platform to gain more exposure, but it also inspired them to grow as content creators by having their talents showcased in their very own show on KUMU.

Keren shares to us how she feels about the exciting development in her career as a performer. “It’s my first time to experience everything that will be assigned for me to do. I owe this all from the entire HUBient team, from content creators to admin, and supporters. If not for their love and support, I wouldn’t be here.” She goes on to tell us her expectations for her new responsibility as a Brand Ambassador for KUMU. “No idea how it will work but I promise to do my best in all the opportunities in store for me to represent our team.”

KUMU is truly proud and excited for these brand new Brand Ambassadors, and for the experiences they have collected in this journey. The ecosystem of KUMU is continuously growing and expanding thanks to the open and friendly culture its users have cultivated.

We can’t wait for the next set of contest winners, and what they have in store for KUMU and the KUMUnity!

KUMU is a Filipino-centric social app that powers the online culture of Filipinos by helping it reach worldwide audiences. KUMU unites Filipinos in its online community through various engagements like livestreaming opportunities and friendly contests every month.

Take part in the fun of the KUMUnity and download the app for FREE at Google Play or the App Store.

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