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Digital: NFT digital artworks exhibited at WOW Festival Dubai purchased by major collectors

DUBAI, UAE — The digital gallery at WOW Summit Dubai witnessed a major NFT sale on the first day of the exhibition. The World of Web3 (WOW) summit commenced on the 13th of March with three full days of blockchain, metaverse industry news. The ‘Alternative Reality’ exhibition was curated by Daria Lomova, an art advisor and historian. One of the main aims of the WOW summit was to raise public knowledge and awareness of the sweeping world of blockchain, crypto, AI, NFTs and beyond. That is why it was important for Lomova to curate an exhibition that people could relate to, while learning about the different digital art forms.

Lomova states, “As an art historian coming from a classical art world background, my aim while creating this exhibition was to showcase how, and in what direction contemporary art was going with the development of blockchain technologies. Me and my team carefully selected 20 artists that brought forward impactful topics to the NFT field, while showing their own countries’ cultural heritage in their works. As a result, the exhibition was relatable, and had great success among both crypto and art communities, with several artworks acquired in private and corporate collections.”

One of the major artworks sold was by Synticate Art Group. Synticate is an art group of digital new media artists whose works have been presented at numerous international exhibitions in London, Venice, New York, Times Square and finally, Dubai. They focus on creating generative, interactive installations based on AI (artificial intelligence), a style known as, ‘Ecofuturism’. Their work ‘Biomonitor Turquoise’ from the ‘Cyberorganics ‘collection attracted the attention of art connoisseurs and was purchased during the WOW Summit exhibition by an investor from the ‘Acai Fund’.


Another work that caught the attention of visitors was a piece created by Nils Hansen. Hansen is an award-winning Crypto Artist and Sculptor. His sculptures have been displayed in public spaces around the world and his digital works have been collected on the most well-known Crypto Art platforms. They are featured in the ‘Museum of Crypto Art’ (MoCA) and the Whale collection. The piece sold, titled ‘The Sun King’, was inspired by the titles given to Alexander the Great. The artwork is of an ancient marble statue of a famed emperor, displayed in the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Hansen in his work, raises the question of what use is time, to those who would soon achieve ‘Digital Immortality’. Hansen’s digital art was purchased on the first day of the WOW Summit.

The WOW summit ‘Alternative Reality’ digital gallery can be viewed online on wowart.gallery, with sales continuing till the 7th of April, 2022.

The gallery’s main sponsor was SpookyShiba, a company with leading international experts in the field of digital assets, information technology, blockchain, and structuring. Other sponsors include TATOOMoney, eFIN, NFTY Portal, Gallanthians just to name a few. The Gallery was also kindly supported by SuperRare, and other partners such as Exquisite workers, TAEX, RTF group, Triptych, Infinity des Lumières, Art In Space, Gazelli Art House and Collab.

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