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Digital: New normal? PumaPodcast wants to talk about a #BetterNormal, starting with the public jeepney system

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Philippines’ first podcast network PumaPodcast launched a new series called “A Better Normal,” where experts and thought leaders share their vision for the future, from small nudges to big initiatives.

In the first episode, urban planner and mobility expert Benjie dela Peña talks about Philippine transportation and how the government can seize this moment to fix the public jeepney and bus systems.


The government should pay jeepney drivers and operators to run their routes, dela Peña said.

“The core of that relationship, that pasahero equals income, is what drives the way our public transportation behaves. Hindi na siya based on how many passengers I can carry… Since the government is paying [the driver] and it’s a performance contract, you get to ask, ‘did you run it on sched? Was it safe? Is it clean and well maintained?'”

In upcoming episodes, listeners will hear more ideas from thought leaders in business, mobility, health, sports, culture, education, agriculture, and more.

“A Better Normal” imagines a progressive and sustainable path post-COVID.

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