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Digital: Shopee enables more sellers to grow their business with new Facebook Ads on Shopee Seller Centre

SINGAPORE — Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, announced that Facebook Ads is now officially available on Shopee Seller Centre across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, empowering the region’s largest community of over 20 million sellers with new tools to grow their businesses.

With 95% of Shopee users relying on Facebook and Instagram to discover new brands and products, this integration enables sellers to boost their online presence by tapping Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network channels to help drive traffic to their official Shopee stores. Facebook Ads also allows for greater personalisation of ads that are served based on users’ preferences and behaviours on the platform, thus promoting order conversion and maximising sales growth.

Facebook Ads on Shopee Seller Centre is part of Shopee’s ongoing commitment to support businesses of all sizes to scale online. Shopee Seller Centre offers a one-stop platform to help sellers manage their stores with ease, providing them with access to a full suite of marketing and data tools to create listings, run promotions and optimise their online business performance. They can now set up, launch, and manage Facebook Ads campaigns easily and quickly through Shopee Seller Centre.


Peggy Zhu, Head of Brand and Growth Marketing at Shopee, said: “We are glad to deepen our collaboration with Meta to launch Facebook Ads on Shopee Seller Centre, which is a game-changer for our sellers. All kinds of sellers, even if they are inexperienced in digital marketing, can now leverage

Facebook Ads along with other Shopee marketing solutions to reach a wider pool of customers. We will continue to expand our ecosystem through such industry-leading partnerships, supporting sellers with more opportunities to scale and upskill digitally.”
Facebook Ads with Shopee was first introduced in 2019 where only brands could run and manage campaigns through Facebook’s platform. Since then, many brands have scaled their business with it, resulting in an average of 5 times return on ad spend (ROAS) across all categories in the second half of 2021.

Damian Kim, Country Director of Meta Singapore, said: “It is more important than ever for businesses to reach and engage with customers that matter to them, especially as consumer shopping behaviours continue to change dramatically. Digital discovery remains crucial in driving demand and sales, and I am excited that the launch of Facebook Ads through the Shopee Seller Centre will be the enabling engine for thousands of sellers to have equitable and easier access to leverage Facebook Ads which will connect them with new customers and grow their businesses.”

Integrating Facebook Ads on Seller Centre allows for a simplified self-onboarding process that was designed to offer users a seamless campaign management process from start to end. Aside from shortening the time to launch a campaign via Seller Centre, sellers can conveniently top up and pay for ad credits without having to leave the platform. They can also get full visibility of their Facebook Ads campaign performance and be equipped with actionable insights to optimise results, alongside other ad campaigns.

Sellers see encouraging results from pilot campaigns

Sellers who took part in a pilot programme have been starting to see encouraging results and business impact.

MobileHub, which sells electronic products in Singapore, was keen to make use of Facebook Ads on Seller Centre to maximise exposure and sales. During its 3-week pilot campaign, MobileHub showcased its hero products through the dynamic carousel format, which enables the brand to promote multiple products simultaneously with the aim of achieving conversion. Results from the pilot campaign showed that MobileHub gained more than 130,000 impressions and achieved 2.2 times ROAS compared to before.

Mr Robin Lun, the owner of MobileHub, who has been selling on the platform for four years, said: “Once in the Shopee Seller Centre, it was easy to top up the ad credits and set up my campaign all within 30 minutes. Shopee also provided me with a guidebook that showed clear instructions, and I felt comfortable following the steps to get started. I could already view the performance metrics directly on Seller Centre the next day. Overall, I think it’s easy to navigate and a smooth process.”

For Speed Computer which sells laptops and computer accessories on Shopee Thailand, they earned good results from a 2-week pilot campaign which gained more than 230,000 impressions and 6.4 times ROAS. Its whole campaign setup process was completed and approved within just a few hours. In order to encourage immediate purchases, Speed Computer incorporated a call-to-action in its ad copy.

Mr Pich Chaovawanich (พชิ ญ์เชาวะวนชิ ย)์, who is part of the online marketing team at Speed Computer said, “Using Facebook Ads allows us to boost our products to more targeted users. This is very important and helpful for smaller sellers like us because it creates more opportunities for us to be discovered, leading to conversions and sales.”

Facebook Ads on Shopee Seller Centre is currently available to selected sellers across seven markets during this initial launch phase, and will be rolled out to more sellers in subsequent months.

Find out more about Facebook Ads on Shopee Seller Centre here.

Download the Shopee app for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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